At times crowning as the most unassailably embellished prince; making me triumphant over all my uncouthly coldblooded adversaries,
While at times a devastating hurricane; pulverizing me mercilessly; to blend with inconspicuously threadbare dust.

At times insatiably propelling me to soar handsomely through the majestic clouds; wholesomely oblivious to anything else around,
While at times an evil sorceress; diabolically enshrouding every quarter of my mind; with irascibly vindictive hostility.

At times making me feel as if I was the richest organism alive; with all murderous manipulation on this planet having not the tiniest of space in my mesmerizing life,
While at times an indefatigable tornado of negativity; brutally crippling me towards the corridors of horrific oblivion; even before I could alight a single step.

At times heralding me as the ultimate conqueror and irrefutably unshakable emperor; with all enchanting beauty on this colossal planet; blissfully assimilating in the magnanimously stretched contours of my lap,
While at times an overwhelmingly ludicrous inferno of cowardice; forcing me to sleep in the shell of sequestered doom; for times immemorial.

At times incessantly urging me to surge forward in my mission of celestially exploring the entire Universe; melodiously bask in the glory of bountifully radiant Sunshine,
While at times heinously chopping both my arms and feet with the swords of fear; burying me infinite feet beneath my ghastly grace; although I was
profoundly alive.

At times triggering me to fantasize beyond realms of magnificently tantalizing eternity; astoundingly titillating each nerve of my truculently anguished
demeanor; with fireballs of vibrant compassion,
While at times ruthless excoriating apart my intricate; with tumultuously lambasting depression.

At times making me invincibly believe in my philanthropically unconventional conquests; wonderfully accepting the religion of mankind as the most unconquerable treasure,
While at times squelching me to insidious chowder; in perception of things which were simply non-existent; in cognizance of a satanic end that was never to be.

At times profusely enlightening me to sing euphorically with all goodness in the atmosphere; poignantly absorbing every element of rhapsody that existed in gregarious tandem; on the trajectory of this gigantic Universe,
While at times tyrannically whipping me left; right and center for ostensibly no fault of mine; transpiring me to conceive gruesome hell; even when I was in the midst of amiably spell binding paradise.

At times divinely relating to every iota of my mind; soul and righteous conscience; making me fulminate into an incredulously resplendent festoon of timelessness,
While at times treacherously imprisoning my uninhibitedly serene river of priceless thought flow; with salacious chains of self inflicted misery; remorsefully torturing me till the absolute end of my time.

And at times illuminating each beat of my heart with the impregnable light of immortal love; making me ecumenically commiserate with all those; with even the
most diminutive fraction of pain,
While at times hurling me towards the corpse of lecherous death every unfurling minute of the bloodstained night and the flamboyantly sweltering day; abominably charring me to bark a countless deaths; was my sensitivity.


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