Dominating its presence right since birth,
in sunlight, moonshine, and artificial light,
pitch dark in color at all instants of time,
sewn perpendicular to pair of feet,
lurking stealthily on all kinds of surface,
unobstructed passage of black light,
trespassing nuclear stations, barbed wire,
high flung walls, towering gates of wrought iron,
mass of water, galleries of glass cubicles,
with utmost ease of a crowned prince,
kissing unknown strangers with soft intimacy,
embracing hot patches of dirt,
with tender caress of shady moisture,
cooling dreary passengers scorched in the sun,
priceless comfort without a pinch to the purse,
emanating wildly from all living and created,
disappearing entirely at nightfall,
and abrupt closure of switchboard light,
twice the length of person possessing it,
a magnified presentation of existing object,
as i stare at the relaxed composure of my shadow.


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