Shall We

Shall we climb mount Everest,
rest in shady domains of tree foliage.

shall we eat spicy food coated with cheese,
remain awake till late hours of the night.

shall we laugh till stream of tears roll down our cheek,
splash our feet in gushing torrents of river water.

shall we make sandcastles in ocean sand,
gallop through paddy fields on strong race horse.

shall we play relishing games of card poker,
greedily gulp steaming brown coffee from mugs.

shall we drive through streets of the crowded city,
ring incessantly metallic bells of towering Church.

shall we scrub marble floors with wet sponge,
wash sins of past lives with our precious blood.

shall we talk on telephone for unsurpassable length of time,
watch us grow every unfolding minute of life.

shall we paint canvas with smudges of mixed color,
perspire together in scorching heat of unforgiving Sun.

shall we move our bodies to pulsating music,
serve humanity with all possible dedication and might.

shall we tear apart our hair in anger,
wade our way through artificial tunnels of ice.

shall we consume barrels of intoxicating wine,
get marooned in scarcely populated african jungle.

shall we fly high in gas balloons,
snap photographs of the mesmerizing moon.

shall we leap into dark death valleys,
stay united for many births as humans.


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