Share With Me

Share with me your eyes; not because I was horrendously blind,
But because I am sure; that together our sight combined; would alleviate all our blind compatriots towards corridors of indispensably optimistic light.

Share with me your breath; not because my lungs abhorred to breathe the
disdainfully polluted air outside,
But because I am sure; that together our passion combined; would ignite fireballs of untamed rhapsody; in the heart of the cold blooded night.

Share with me your hands; not because all my fingers felt insipidly weak; to hoist even a minuscule object from soil,
But because I am sure; that together our fortitude combined; would scrap every iota of evil; march unflinchingly towards a celestially blissful humankind.

Share with me your mind; not because my brain stared like a baseless idiot into fathomless expanses of empty space,
But because I am sure; that together our intelligence combined; would mitigate all indiscriminate racialism from hateful souls lingering on the planet; philanthropically assist all those dreadfully maimed; to the euphoric winds of cloud nine.

Share with me your legs; not because my feet melted like a ludicrously pathetic ant; under the most nimble rays of sunshine,
But because I am sure; that together our stride combined; would evacuate all parasitic traitors from the periphery of our motherland; trigger cloudbursts of resilience in
all lackadaisical living kind.

Share with me your ears; not because I showed no reaction at all; even as devastating earthquakes rattled civilizations to raw ash,
But because I am sure; that together our hearing combined; would empathize with each morbidly shivering organism in this world; bring those to absolute justice; who were incessantly tyrannizing mankind.

Share with me your voice; not because I stammered like an intermittently nervous shadow; on each word that stumbled from my mouth,
But because I am sure; that together our sound combined; would inundate this fathomless globe with ingratiating melody; profusely enriching the lives of
all those engulfed with inexplicable despair.

Share with me your shoulders; not because I didn’t possess an iota of muscle in my arms; collapsing like a pack of frigid cards; at the tiniest insinuation of the capricious winds,
But because I am sure; that together our power combined; would deluge the lives of those miserably orphaned since childhood with courageous light; transporting them to a land more beautifully enticing than paradise.

Share with me your soul; not because my deplorably empty entity; wavered uncertainly between the aisles of gorgeous heaven; and malicious hell,
But because I am sure; that together our benevolence combined; would; instill the fabulously wonderful elements of existence in waywardly loitering organisms; catapult them back to their most enthralling rudiments of cherished life.

And share with me your heart; not because the beats in mine sporadically fluttered towards the caverns of obsolete oblivion; tottering infinite kilometers beneath the grave; even while robustly alive,
But because I am sure; that together our love combined; would; invincibly immortalize the spirit of uninhibited freedom; the divinely spirit to live and let live; bonding for times immemorial; the rich; poor; and impoverished; alike.


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