She Collapsed

She collapsed like a pack of soft cards; tumbling with nonchalant ease towards
the ground,

She collapsed like briquettes of black coal plummeting rampantly; caressing the earth at tumultuous speeds,

She collapsed like silken feathers of a protuberant pigeon; hurtling towards the soil at swashbuckling velocity,

She collapsed like a flimsy spider web; diffusing incoherently into infinite splinters of grey thread,

She collapsed like a stick of ice candy; melting rapidly around the periphery of bare wood,

She collapsed like a ball of swollen paper; deflated thoroughly with a rusty iron pin,

She collapsed like a jagged rope of jute; dangling languidly from unprecedented heights of the wall,

She collapsed like an insipid follicle of hair; adhering frigidly to the scalp,

She collapsed like a snow-white flamingo; diving down when permeated by a fleet of pugnacious lead bullets,

She collapsed like an ultra light wire of aluminum; distorting horrendously with the zipping second,

She collapsed like a log of loose timber; embedded with scented saw dust powder,

She collapsed like a rotund bar of glittering gold; impregnated with chips of badly squashed pearls,

She collapsed like a pipe inundated with water; bulging incongruously at the sides,

She collapsed like a mountain of free mud; blending profusely with the clayey soil,

She collapsed like a spongy button; bouncing umpteenth number of times on the
roughened mud,

She collapsed like a pouch of chili powder; bursting irrationally into a million
particles on the floor,
She collapsed like a conglomerate of matchsticks; blown in entirety with
infinitesimal draughts of wind,

She collapsed like a lifeless beetle; as if stripped of its opalescent wings,

She collapsed like a lackadaisical sandwich divested of pepper; lying dilapidated and forlorn amidst heaps of garbage,

She collapsed like a steel nugget does; when heated in swirling fires of sweltering heat,

She collapsed like a slender nib of a fountain pen; when pressed nimbly on
bonded paper,

She collapsed like a shard of tainted glass; when struck by a small sized
corrugated stone,

She collapsed like a ship incorporating scores of rooms; resting on a foundation of white sand,

She collapsed like pallid tendrils of a parasitic creeper; sticking nimbly to the greasy wall,

She collapsed like a chain of jingling silver; suspended apathetically from the angular neck,

She collapsed like a rotten fruit; squelching disdainfully beneath the most negligible of pressure,

She collapsed like a diseased snake; slithering helplessly in the sprawling creepers,

She collapsed like a stone wall hovering tentatively in the air; without the slightest of concrete foundation,

She collapsed like whirlwinds of yellow dust; eventually mixing with the desert sand,

She collapsed like a cracked needle; emanating screeching noises while
juxtaposing with the mud,

She collapsed like the broken shell of a monstrous egg; crumbling erratically in all directions,

She collapsed like a pierced balloon; cascading in its bedraggled shape into the
green fields,

She collapsed like weak water; transforming into large pools after striking the earth,

She collapsed like long noodles; breaking indiscriminately even when touched by
the faintest of heat,

She collapsed like a lifeless individual; existing on this earth without a perpetual entity,

There was a time when she was constructed taking loads of scrupulous care; soaring high in the silken clouds; intimately kissing the rustic breeze,

She had never dreamt of falling; neither had the tiniest of insinuation of the events to unveil the succeeding day,

While at present she lay completely camouflaged under a mangled heap of debris; with a large ensemble of buried bodies crying hoarsely in pain,

The building which augmented the pride of the street for many years; now lay
wholesomely decimated; gruesomely destroyed after suffering the brunt of the disastrous earthquake.


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