She Laughed And Laughed And Laughed To Death

When I chattered a nineteen to the dozen about each of my child’s astoundingly spell-binding brainwaves; she laughed at me as loudly as the clouds thunderously colliding in the sky,

When I snored like a dinosaur the entire sunlit day and inexhaustibly fantasized with my eyes wide open in the night; she laughed at me as loudly as the roaring waves clashing against the cold-blooded demonic rocks,

When I voiced even the slightest of my apprehension about casualties that could inevitably occur in today’s adulterated world; she laughed at me as loudly as the bombs exploding into fathomless bits of unending atmosphere,

When I at times uninhibitedly divulged my pertinently asphyxiating idiosyncrasies; she laughed at me as loudly as the unabashedly screeching power horns in the overwhelmingly traffic laden street,

When I indefatigably secluded myself from the rest of the planet to pen an infinite lines of immortal love poetry; she laughed at me like a countless demons marauding the innocent with their unstoppably bohemian feet,

When rivers of unceasing tears cascaded from my eyes at the tiniest leaf being ruthlessly chopped; she laughed at me like the endlessly triumphant roar of the mercilessly parading lion,

When I crazily followed even the most invisible of her reflection all day and marathon night; she laughed at me like the untamed crackling flames of the vindictively scarlet fire,

When I stood like the most impregnable of fortress infront of her-to protect her against the ghastliest of impediment; she laughed at me like the earth uncouthly separating into a boundless craters whilst an earthquake,

When I lived each instant of my life like an emotional fool-wholesomely enshrouded by shrewd practicality from all ends; she laughed at me like a witch casting her wicked spell over many an innocuous civilization and life; alike,

When I granted true love an importance greater than any denomination of money on this planet; she laughed at me like the unsparingly diabolical rocks; which tumbled unmanageably from the absolute epitome of the hill,

When I got up with innumerable beads of frigid sweat all over my chest—after the barbarous nightmare; she laughed at me like devilish volcano which vomited itself in violent spurts from the belly of the earth; and towards the highest cranny of the sky,

When I solely listened to the tunes of my passionate heart-though the commercial world gorily stabbed each bone of my persona; she laughed at me like the ghosts unashamedly dancing in the jinxed graveyard,

When I pledged in the name of each droplet of my blood- to exist with her for an infinite more lifetimes; she laughed at me like the insatiably carnivorous barking of thunder; before the advent of the actual storm,

When I proclaimed my desire to procreate a boundless more of my own kind—stringently adhering to the laws of nature divine; she laughed at me like the broken stars listlessly plunging down a boundless kilometers; from the moonless sky,

When I earnestly expressed whatever had happened with me in the course of the tyrannical day; she laughed at me like the unimaginably murderous storm that surreptitiously struck the heart of the effervescent sea,

When I fondled my adorable pet as he lapped my face-thanking me profusely for being his master; she laughed at me like the earth shattering scream of the wantonly plundering and pillaging devil,

When I told her to heartlessly behead me instead of ruthlessly exploiting several of my sensitivities; she laughed at me like the cannibalistic striking of uncountable blood-stained swords; in the ghoulish battlefield of war,

When I skipped many a meal and activity- -unbelievably engrossed in my work; which was all for the amelioration of humanity; she laughed at me like the infinite heart-wrenchingly cadaverous cries of hell,

When I austerely expressed my desire to divorce her as life had become a sorrow greater than death-with her; she laughed at me like the torrential downpours of blood from freshly split skulls,

And when I eventually died not able to take her unbearably heartless nonsense anymore; she died too—losing both her life and balance- -uncontrollably laughing now at my lifeless carcass; like the most insane shivering of the corpse.


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