She Loved Her Baby More Than She Loved Her God

She hurled him high in the air; exuberantly catching him in her safe arms,
Suckled him passionately with her milk; harnessing his tiny form with her warmth,
Played with him incessantly; instructing him how to unwind the soft toy train,
Cleansed his mischievous face frequently of mud and blotted ink,
Held his fragile fingers firmly in hers; trying to inculcate in him the art of walking,
Tickled him voraciously on his belly; which prompted him to incoherently giggle; displaying fresh buds of his newly formed teeth,
Placed him in the bathtub filled with heaps of flocculent foam; thoroughly scrubbing his minuscule silhouette,
Gave him a honey soother to chew; in order to facilitate the metamorphosis of his teeth,
Rubbed his supple body with emollient olive oil; basking him in the full light of the Sun,
Applied black lining of mascara on his drooping eyelashes; to accentuate his huge crystal eyes,
Tied jingling chains to his feet; which produced a tinkling sound as he ran,
Taught him the indispensability of language; with a bulky book of articulate alphabets lying by her side,
Scrupulously changed his yellow diaper; as he had a habit of intermittently wetting,
Sprinkled tons of aromatic powder on his arms; attempting to make his somber complexion multiple shades fairer,
Placed him amidst an island of inflated balloon; which he inadvertently pinched; and was dumbfounded on hearing the thunderous noise produced thereafter,
Fed him with a pulverized curry of milk and fresh corn; at painstaking speeds; for him to digest the same with ease,
Cuddled his shock of curly hair entwining her fingers; combed it after giving him a revitalizing massage,
Took him out in the spongy grass to play; introducing him to a cluster of new children,
Wiped his tears with her tender lips; when he unrelentingly cried; pacified him by singing melodious rhymes,
Kept all doors locked; providing him a formidable enclosure to inhabit; saving his innocuous form; from hideous eyes of the evil,
She loved her baby more than she loved her God;
Gave him his last feed of sumptuous milk; before putting him of to a blissful slumber.


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