She Was There

She was there in every song that I heard; existing as its most stupendously melodious elements; drowning my impoverished countenance; in waves of perennially rhapsodic ecstasy,

She was there in every path that I tread; existing as a trail of seductively tantalizing enigma; to deluge me in a blanket of insatiably untamed wilderness,

She was there in every fantasy that I perceived; existing as a thunderbolt of compassionately eternal yearning; propelling me to forever surge forward in
the unprecedented euphoria; to lead spell binding life,

She was there in every fruit that I consumed; existing as the most pricelessly titillating nutrition in its skin; handsomely placating my irrevocably unruly pangs of hunger; for centuries immemorial,

She was there in every word that I spoke; existing as its most vociferously emphatic impression; triggering me to triumphantly incessantly march towards the boundaries of irrefutable success,

She was there in every fabric that I wore; existing as its most majestically silken warmth; to encapsulate me with waves of tumultuously ardent passion from all

She was there in every mission that I achieved; existing as its winds of sacrosanct ebullience; perpetually transpiring me to embrace all fraternities of humanity; in bonds of unrelenting sharing; alike,

She was there in every ingredient of my blood; existing as a rainbow of eclectic vibrancy; engendering me to evolve a sparkling new chapter of life; from even beneath the most goriest of ashes,

She was there in every night that enveloped me; existing as an unfathomable juggernaut of resplendently twinkling stars; flooding each arena of my pathetically devastated skin; with incomprehensible happiness,

She was there in every shadow of mine; existing as an angel of unflinching solidarity in its tiniest of caress; entrenching me in a garden of gloriously flamboyant
fragrance; from all ends,

She was there in every philosophy that I preached; existing as its most impeccably righteous element; poignantly inspiring me to disseminate the impregnable essence of affable brotherhood; to the remotest corner of this boundless Universe,
She was there in every wink that cascaded over my eyes; existing as a fireball of mischievously eluding flirtation; to incinerate each of my disastrously bedraggled senses; into a planet more bountiful than gregariously twinkling paradise,

She was there in every miracle that I witnessed; existing as a harbinger of ultimate peace in each stride that I took; instigating me to spawn a fascinating civilization of uninhibited freedom and celestial togetherness,

She was there in every goodness that I cherished; existing as a mist of marvelously bequeathing humanity; that made me holistically live and let live; for infinite
more births of mine,

She was there in every blooming beauty that I sighted; existing as a cradle of untamed exhilaration in my deplorably dwindling visage; to make me escalate above the definitions of staleness and a carpet of overwhelmingly staggering blackness,

She was there in every rhyme that I spun; existing as a ray of velvety voluptuousness in the immaculate whites of my eye; sensuously draping me in a world of endlessly enchanting excitement,

She was there in every race that I run; existing as a thunderbolt of unsurpassable fervor; in each of my synergistically advancing footsteps,

She was there in every breath that I inhaled; existing as a stream of intransigently fiery life; that royally enabled me to stand tall and intrepidly towering; for a countless
more vivaciously ecstatic lives,

And she was there in every beat that I throbbed; existing as a Universe of immortally invincible love; bestowing me with the richness to comprehend the true richness of life; bestowing me with a festoon of boundless colors; to serve all mankind.


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