She Wasnt Bothered.

She wasn’t bothered an infinitesimal trifle; if I didn’t look at the most seductive of her form; even once in a marathon day; preferred to view the scurrilously untamed growls of manipulative wilderness; instead,

She wasn’t bothered an ephemeral speck; if I didn’t accolade her even for the most triumphantly brilliant of her accomplishments; leant a cold shoulder amidst all other glitterati that she was enshrouded with,

She wasn’t bothered a transient iota; if I didn’t caress the outlines of her ignited lips; nonchalantly looked the other side; even as she burnt infinite times in the inferno of unbridled love,

She wasn’t bothered an evanescent ounce; if I didn’t accompany her to the most important destinations in her life; worthlessly engaged myself in tawdrily licking the floor instead,

She wasn’t bothered a fugitive bit; if I didn’t wish her on her cherished birthday and anniversaries; spuriously pretended to be too entangled in the process of earning money; and thereby forgetting the priceless moments of her life,

She wasn’t bothered a parsimonious morsel; if I didn’t comply the tiniest with even the most brilliantly sagacious of her decisions; drifted on the pathways of sheer and emotional impracticality instead,

She wasn’t bothered an invisible degree; if I didn’t impregnate her glorious existence with my seeds; happily leading her entire life with her maiden prim and trim form with great pleasure instead,

She wasn’t bothered an impoverished scrap; if I didn’t query her regularly about her likes and dislikes; thereby on numerous an occasion trespassing against her wishes; quite innocuously and inadvertently,

She wasn’t bothered a mercurial shadow; if I didn’t devoutly intertwine my fingers fervently within hers; taking vows to lead life compassionately united together; for an infinite more lifetimes,

She wasn’t bothered a feckless crumb; if I didn’t understand and commiserate with her for what she originally was; for every righteous desire lingering passionately in the innermost realms of her soul,

She wasn’t bothered a diminutive fragment; if I didn’t humbly bow down to her knees; even once in my entire lifetime; profoundly thanking her for blessing every conceivable aspect of my measly existence,

She wasn’t bothered an oblivious tidbit; if I didn’t attend to her even in the most inexplicably ghastliest of agony; took her for as much granted as the blue bits of mundanely unending sky,

She wasn’t bothered a vanishing fleck; if I didn’t live up to my promise of being a true lover; after so ardently proposing to her the infinite vows of true love; once upon a time,

She wasn’t bothered an obliterated freckle; if I didn’t invincibly mélange each of my breath with hers; as the most diabolical of maelstroms descended upon us; unexpectedly at each quarter of life,

She wasn’t bothered a worthless grain; if I didn’t embrace her boundless propensities and passions in life; belittling them in my obsessive whirlpool of unparalleled corporate ambition,

She wasn’t bothered an evaporating smidgen; if I didn’t behave properly with the nearest of her kin; deliberately made sure that I was not the tiniest of involved in any of her so called social community groups and gatherings,

She wasn’t bothered a pathetic tad; if I didn’t take her for an intrepid expedition of the entire planet; although was a passenger of every flight that left the ground; than of the scorching land,

She wasn’t bothered a lackadaisical trice; if I didn’t utter her name for countless years on the trot; summoned her most brusquely; by a battalion of uncannily indecipherable gestures instead,

And neither was she ever bothered even a teeny trifle to know the cause of my silence, my anger; my indifference; my nonchalance towards her; as long as I kept giving her every comfort of life; as long as she relished the most sanctimoniously extravagant pleasures of life; as long as she saw the desire to become the richest man on this planet lingering unassailably in my eyes; as long as she kept getting her
inevitable share of money as my wife.


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