Ominous black clouds in the firmament of sky; showered thunderous rain,
Deluging dry earth with bountiful water; quenching the thirst of umpteenth organisms dying premature.

The densely foliated apple tree; showered clusters of dry leaves on the ground; blended commensurately with dead twigs,
Facilitating the infertile soil to blossom productively; yielding a plethora of vegetable and lush green grass.

The dilapidated ceiling glistening nefariously in the silver moonlight; showered several crusts of decayed paint on the ground,
Impregnating it with a soft cushion; so that the stray rats could seek blissful refuge; and sleep.

The astral body of Sun dancing vivaciously in the cosmos; showered tenacious beams of dazzling light on the earth,
Annihilating inexplicable disease from its non-existent roots; giving the mundane pedestrian a new hope to live.

The metallic pipe suspended in the bathroom had intricate nozzles incorporated; showered ravishing droplets of water when switched on,
Drenching exhausted individuals with revitalizing liquid; cleansing the disdainful blotches riveted to their skins.

The colossal mountains strangulated with mesmerizing white snow; showered icy liquid in peak summer,
Which trickled down languidly on the ground; intensely tickling innocuous toddlers passing by.

The healthy persona of rustic cow; showered tons of milk when deftly caressed on its teats,
Silenced incessantly crying infants when they tasted the same; passionately suckling its young ones just born.

The wildly suspended pungent breeze; showered astronomical amounts of dust as it blew,
Imprisoning gargantuan dust and sand in its flow; vomiting the same on high swirling waves of the ocean.

She stood tall and domineering; way above the rest of the lecherous world; showering me with perpetual cascades of her magnanimous love,
Instilling my impoverished soul with immortal happiness; catapulting me to heights of incredible jubilation.

And the Omnipresent aura of God; showered the earth with us humans; existing in varied color and species,
Bestowing upon us the power to procreate our generations; the unrelenting prowess to create; discover and love.


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