When the olive green light enclosed in translucent sheath of glass beeped,
it was a subtle signal for pedestrians to unanimously surge forward,
zipping past disdainful white lines of the zebra crossing; at animated pace.

when acres of soil sprawled on earth scorched onerously in the flaming SUN,
an infinite assembly of hollow crevice blended infectiously at several quarters,
it was a indispensable signal for grey clouds to shower torrential rain.

when insidious white powder dribbled in unison from the jet black sheath of
scalp hair,
inevitable sensations of itching cropped up at barren regions of musk brown skin,
it was a lucrative signal for applying chivalrous coats of medicated shampoo.

when a cluster of fish slithered haplessly on arid surface of virgin ground,
trembling with cold shivers nibbling neglected chunks of wild mushroom,
it was a desperate signal to inundate the ambience of fish with surplus water.

when the passenger plane nose-dived into satiny azure cocoons of humid air,
intricate machinery of the steel bird relinquishing to perform,
it was an emergency signal for the passengers to strap their air bags and leap down.

when the robust farm hen laid a festoon of pearly white eggs,
nestling them with intimate warmth of her feathery quill,
it was an harmonious signal from the creator for the fledglings to hatch.

when there was a brusque interruption of the human breath,
innumerable palpable cavities of heart throbbed with emphatic exhilaration,
it was a sure signal for the person to evacuate this earth.

and when she waited anxiously for me to return in wee hours of dawn,
refraining to consume even a droplet of water in my solitary absence,
praying tenaciously to the almighty for me to return,
it was an incorrigible signal that she loved me as she feared to die.


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