Signing Your Heart

I wanted to embellish your poetic eyelashes; with the voluptuous excitement that lingered profusely on each pore of my impoverished skin,

I wanted to deluge your mesmerizing hair; with the passionate moisture embracing my fervently trembling palms; wanting to mystically explore each arena of your exotic body,

I wanted to adorn your ravishing lips; with the insurmountable festoon of compassionate kisses; lingering deep within my seeking soul,

I wanted to paint your impeccable cheeks; with unfathomable reservoir of artistry in my mind; with every design of captivating enthrallment that I could envisage on planet earth,

I wanted to beautify your adorable neck; with the poignant swirl of my philandering shadow; indefatigably waiting all night and day; for your magical caress,

I wanted to bedeck your mischievous ears; with the irrefutably righteous voice of my conscience; looking for solace in your divinely countenance; since times immemorial,

I wanted to consecrate your sacrosanct forehead; with the scarlet blood in my veins; perpetually desiring to save you from even the most inconspicuous of evil; loitering in the atmosphere,

I wanted to inundate your spell binding brain; with the essence of philanthropic mankind; wanting to serve dwindling humanity; with your perennial camaraderie
always by my side,

I wanted to garland your heavenly feet; with the unprecedented devotion in each cranny of my demeanor; wanting to be your slave for infinite more births; yet
to unveil,

I wanted to grace your tantalizing belly; with the stamp of my everlasting exuberance; augmenting rhapsodically above the boundless sky; each time I witnessed you pass by,

I wanted to embroider your delectable fingers; with euphoric caresses of my untamed adventure; eternally romancing with your incredulous glory; in the aisles of uninterrupted desire,

I wanted to gratify each of your titillating senses; with the balm of my insatiable longing; incarcerating you forever in the web of never ending desire,
I wanted to enlighten your sensuously volatile shoulders; with the explosive magnetism in each of my nerve; wanting to tumultuously entangle with your
magnanimously charismatic visage,

I wanted to enrich your marvelously scented fragrance; with the flurry of enigmatic echoes that ardently diffused from my sound; frolicking with you till beyond the summit of ultimate ecstasy,

I wanted to pamper your every boisterous command; with the Herculean strength of my muscle; transporting you to the most remotest places you wanted; within the
most feeble wink of your eyes,

I wanted to glorify your gorgeously melodious voice; with the magic that uttered from my flaming breath; igniting tremors of unparalleled mystique in
your; delightfully fascinating persona,

I wanted to fortify your enchanting existence; with each invincible element of my form; forcibly snatching you from realms of veritable death; to march with the
astonishingly beautiful tomorrow,

And I wanted to sign your Omnipotent heart; with the immortal seal of my love; which inevitably made us the most blissful entities alive; ubiquitously spreading a
wave of happiness in all organisms engulfed with hopeless sadness; in all destitute and despairing eyes.


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