Silent Spectators

They polluted the atmosphere with obnoxious gas; toxic sprays of repulsive insecticide,
Hunted for treasured species dense foliage of the jungle; ruthlessly chopping
animate green that confronted their way,
The cluster of immaculate trees; observed the proceedings in mute silence as
silent spectators.

They marauded the sapphire ocean with tankers full of deplorable crude oil,
Disrupted the synchrony of ocean bed by traversing through monstrous submarines,
Scores of fish; blissful coral; watched the tyranny unleash as silent spectators.

They whipped innocuous people with thorny belts; making them cry and
profusely bleed,
Snatched indispensable morsels of food from the miserably afflicted,
The siblings of the same; watched the strokes of rampant vandalism on their
parents as silent spectators.

They uprooted her nest from snuggled interiors and dark corners,
Made a travesty of her eggs; banging the shell hard with the obdurate ground,
The mother bird welled up tears in her eyes; and that was all she could; watching her
dreams crumble to ashes as a silent spectator.

They planted lethal explosives in its core,
Bombing the undulating colossal structure; for mining gold coin,
Splinters of mud erupted along with the bare skin of wandering sheep,
And the gargantuan mountain watched its destruction as a silent spectator.

They spit saliva blended with red betel on his legs,
Made lewd comments; supplemented with a volley of expletives as they passed him,
The statue of the revered historian; stared helplessly at the miscreants as a silent spectator.

The lady took bizarre steps to assassinate it,
Consumed the most poisonous of drugs to annihilate its possible trace,
The infant yet to be born; watched the brutal proceedings in its mothers womb; as a silent spectator.

She plotted ingenious ways and means to leave me,
Rebuked me contemptuously in front of hordes of people,
I knew I was penalized for no fault of mine; and I watched her tumultuous anger explode as a silent spectator.

There is no power more stronger than the omnipotent Creator,
It is indeed he who chalks out our destiny to unfold,
All we can do is attempt our very best; to diligently fulfill our quota of responsibilities,
The best we can to help the impoverished; and watch the rest happen as silent spectators.


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