Silver Cobweb

It glistened magnificently under the brilliant sun; resembling the enigmatic
and mystical angel,
It shimmered majestically under the fluorescent beams of moon; looking like the swirling waves of sea eventually culminating into froth,
It wavered rampantly with the gusty breeze; occasionally snapping apart some of its flocculent threads,
It nonchalantly greeted the inclement rain; thoroughly despising fat globules of water striking against its flimsy silhouette,
It trapped scores of innocuous insects in its viscous womb; a plethora of young fledglings who tried to permeate its territory,
It was firmly riveted to bifurcated branches of rustic trees; enmeshing a host of boisterous termites who dared try and butcher it,
It had boundless strands of silk; interwoven at incongruous distances of space,
Its beauty appeared all the more accentuated at ephemeral dawn; with hazy rays
of light marking its incoherently rotund periphery,
It feasted and supremely relished a meal of blood sucking bat; which inadvertently got ensnared flying haphazardly in the night,
It was embossed with tinges of dull gray; with its color appearing almost invisible to the unsuspecting intruder,
It also inhabited residential dwellings; a cluster of cloistered places and dilapidated mansions being its hot favorite,
It got mercilessly blown away in thunderous storms; who dismantled it from its
very roots without the slightest of respite,
It was wholesomely silky in complexion; with its long follicles partially engulfed by poisonous juices,
It looked ominous in the ambience of open space; and yet at the same time was
a treat to admire for the scientist and philanderer,
It was profoundly oblivious to sound; the only thing it relied on being nimble
sensations of touch,
It itself didn’t posses the slightest of odor; the only scent that wafted from its demeanor was that of incarcerated prey,
It was a dreadful nuisance for housewives; who didn’t spare it the moment they
sighted it; swapping it uncouthly with their tall broomsticks,
It was virtually found inhabiting all corners of the globe; not sparing the even the most immaculate of corner,
And the most incredulous thing about it was that it impregnated a potbellied spider; which was ever ready to unsparingly gobble any palpable organism that got caught,
Which hereby concludes the story of the network of satiny threads which
formed the silver cobweb.


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