Simplistic Quilt

Amidst the freezing chill that descended impromptu upon the planet; as human being stacked himself with woolens of myriad shapes and proportions and yet groaned in indecipherable disdain,

amidst the pathetically abysmal solitariness of the night; where unabashed wolves majestically philandered and danced; before vindictively hunting for the meat of their nocturnal prowl,

amidst the cacophonic sound of motorized traffic which was interspersed with pugnacious smoke; meaningless horn; impetuous youngsters hurling abuse as they overtook innocuous pedestrians – lambasting the spirit of their freshly acquired adulthood,

amidst the unruly heaps of garbage piled rampantly on the streets; carried intermittently by the storm to a multitude of corners of the society; culminating into obnoxiously rotten frigidity,

amidst the savagely acrimonious and commercial establishment of offices – where plethora of cash transactions were executed; without due respect to the integrity of an earnest human and his ideals of philanthropic goodness,

amidst the ruthlessly indiscriminate felling of enamoring trees – which builders undertook surreptitiously after dusk had fallen; to articulately evade public fury and yet construct their fancifully towering edifices – of nonchalantly dead mortar and concrete,

amidst the scuffles and squabbles that sporadically plagued living beings – as they deliberately found fault with each other; even as marvelous romance could easily have been the flavor to uninhibitedly cherish and relish,

amidst the abominably hostile firing of missiles and declaration of terrorizing war – which nations on different sides of the border indulged into – in a worthless display of feckless might and power – instead of rejoicing in the religion of humanity,

amidst the treacherously salacious rat race to achieve unchallengeable success – trespassing and massacring the closest of blood relations including parents – incase their set of benevolent ideals impeded the path even an insouciant trifle,

amidst deplorably parasitic political practices; where it didn’t matter the slightest as to which party came to power – since none of them responded to the voice of the impoverished citizen – the same common man who’d triumphantly elected them,

amidst the dreadfully hideous paucity of quintessential amenities like food grain and fruit; which had ridiculously manifested due to inflation and dastardly corruption – even as the soil yielded its absolute best,

amidst the lugubriously stretched spurious parties that flowed with venomous cigarette smoke and sinful liquor – with the corporate pedigree of the society flaunting the most expensive showrooms of different designer revelry – whilst the orphan, maimed, wounded and famished slavered without a roof on their scalp,

amidst the today’s teacher who unnecessarily loaded the talented child with ominously large assignments – in frivolous attempt to improve the reputation of the best academically oriented school in town,

amidst the fiercely savage growl of the panther which had escaped the forest since that had more human than animals – in its quest for finding a new symbiotic habitat; gloriously unfettered,

amidst the preposterously fetid gutter that had developed cracks in the trajectory of its pipe – from which crawled out ants and worms of every conceivable and incongruous shape; to irascibly creep into the beautiful serenity of the magnificently embellished dwelling,

amidst the ludicrously artificial formality that members of different households followed at occasions – sonorously holding hands like the most cultured entities of this planet seated beside each other – but actually wanting to slap in their envious animosity; soon after,

amidst the tempestuously scorching lava that rolled down at lightening speeds from the volcanic mountain – having the tenacious potential of charring near and surrounding vicinity to sheer and dismal nothingness,

amidst the parched land of the wholesomely evaporated lake that had become so; as officials had extricated it completely to erect the most spectacularly royal complex; fostering all fraternities of contemporary sport,

If I found solace and peace inside a mesmerizing object; then it was my delightfully cozy and simplistic quilt.


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