Simply Denied To Die

The royally striped lion although uncouthly imprisoned behind the bars of cage; simply denied to eat green chunks of grass,

The flamboyantly sizzling Sun although deceitfully imprisoned behind the clouds; simply denied to relinquish its dazzling rays of light,

The grandiloquently colossal ship although ruthlessly imprisoned on land; simply denied to walk,

The lethally slithering scorpion although pathetically imprisoned in a jar of water; simply denied to permeate its tail and sting,

The fabulously scented rose although gruesomely imprisoned amidst a heap of fetidly stinking garbage; simply denied to emancipate its wonderful fragrance,

The true soldier although surreptitiously imprisoned in the enemy territory; simply denied to divulge the secrets of his Motherland,

The brilliantly scintillating pearl although ominously imprisoned in a blanket of perpetual darkness; simply denied to abdicate its enchanting glimmer,

The sacrosanct mother although murderously imprisoned in the land of the devil; simply denied to feed her child satanic blood,

The boisterously vivacious bird although diabolically imprisoned behind walls of ghoulish ice; simply denied to lie on its back and sleep,

The audaciously crawling crocodile although forcefully imprisoned in a cave replete with pure vegetables; simply denied to open its armory of knife like jaws,

The overwhelmingly towering mountain although savagely imprisoned in the red ant’s mole; simply denied to detach its oligarchic crown summit,

The immortally laughing clown although mercilessly imprisoned in the realms of the morbid graveyard; simply denied to shrug off his heavenly smile,

The ardently throbbing heart although barbarically imprisoned in the domains of the conventionally wretched society; simply denied to slacken the intensity of its passionately palpitating beats,

The gargantuan stomach although treacherously imprisoned in the fathomless deserts; simply denied to devour the appetizingly silver sands,

The insurmountably determined eyes although miserably imprisoned amidst an island of blood and horrendous impediments; simply denied to ooze even
a droplet of tear,

The irrefutably saintly body although inevitably imprisoned under the coffin; simply denied to embrace even the tiniest of evil,

The religion of humanity although perilously imprisoned amidst spurious norms of the world outside; simply denied to sell its omnipotent dignity,

The invincible arrow of truth although disastrously imprisoned in an ocean of insatiable lechery; simply denied to drift towards the luxurious cream of blatant

The astronomically resilient beams of courage although imprisoned behind black walls of despair; simply denied to succumb to the hopeless sorrow,

And the uninhibitedly divine virtue of love although cruelly imprisoned infinite feet beneath the barriers of baseless civilization; simply denied to fade away;
simply denied to die.


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