When i felt the scarred and abraded skin of unripened orange,
it caused silent tremors in multiple pores of my flesh.

when i touched the cold skin of pale chipped marble,
shivers of dormant jubilation made me smile.

when i caressed rough skin of unprocessed grey stone,
feelings of utter disdain crept slowly through cellars of my blood.

when i felt the satiny skin of pure silk garment,
a serene calm descended painstakingly over my persona.

when I touched the skin of crystal flowing mountain water,
nostalgic memories flooded in domains of longing heart.

when I slapped the skin of languid grass blades,
tingling sensations catapulted me to dizzy heights of ecstasy.

when I kneaded thoroughly the skin of unbaked dough,
circulation of red blood increased by leaps and bounds in all regions of body.

when I licked the skin of sickening sweet chocolate candy,
it sent spurts of energy to torn cells of anguished heart.

When I sipped nonchalantly elastically translucent skin of brown rum,
Waves of pungent alcohol drowned me in webs of disaster sedation.

when I cuddled the furry skin of the striped leopard,
I experienced overwhelming courage acting as my companion.

When I raised the lifeless skin of my beloved to the Creator,
I felt like charring it first, to have an everlasting scent of her divine grace


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