Sky Of Pious Peace.

The waves emanating from it were astronomically spell binding; tranquilly pacifying even the most diabolically traumatized; with the spirit of Omnipotent humanity,

The colors diffusing from it were vivaciously resplendent; gregariously embellishing even the most brutally impoverished of entities; with the magic of eternally compassionate timelessness,

The tunes wafting from it were enchantingly mesmerizing; blissfully placating even the most inexplicable of miseries of truculently bereaved human kind,

The rays wafting from it were Omnipotently uniting; celestially melanging all religion and tribe; into the invincible fortress of pricelessly symbiotic sharing,

The winds disseminating from it were bountifully benevolent; philanthropically endowing the sacred essence of existence to every dwelling; that they triumphantly gushed into,

The droplets cascading from it were Omnisciently healing; regally soothing even the most tyrannically macabre of pain; with townships of enthrallingly beautiful symmetry,

The reflections exuding from it were majestically ubiquitous; in which every organism alive; could innocuously perceive the essence of its harmoniously synergistic survival,

The mists floating from it were triumphantly tantalizing; marvelously engendering a cradle of silken paradise; even in the hearts of the most salaciously monotonous and devilish murderers,

The leaves whistling from it were aristocratically gregarious; royally bringing even the most fathomlessly distant and prejudiced quarters of the earth; to collectively replenish themselves with the fruits of heavenly fructifying nature,

The shadows flowing from it were immaculately ingratiating; irrefutably cleansing the heinously despicable soul with the rhythm of unconquerable righteousness,

The beats pulsating from it were perpetually vibrant; handsomely revolving the threads of the entire civilization; with levers of magnetically sparkling and unparalleled truth,

The rivers tumbling from it were perennially rhapsodic; transcending past the spuriously parsimonious entrenchments of abhorrent manipulation; to spawn a valley of unsurpassably impregnable sensuousness,

The melody gallivanting from it was magnificently iridescent; victoriously towering over even the most insipidly mercurial iota of gruesome badness; with its profoundly unassailable sweetness,

The empathy fulminating from it was stupendously unshakable; forming bonds of ubiquitously serene companionship; between the disastrously penurious and powerhouses of ostentatious wealth; alike,

The charisma unveiling from it was incomprehensibly fantastic; casting its spell of exhilaratingly ebullient fantasy; upon all those with an immaculately affable heart,

The numerals pouring from it were spotlessly undefeatable; irrevocably portraying the flag of blazing victory; at even the most minuscule turn that the earth took
and enchantingly radiated into,

The breath dispersing from it was undeterrably unflinching; instilling boundless caverns of life and luck into the lives of even those; morbidly disintegrated and countless feet beneath their graves,

The love circulating from it was immortally inimitable; Omnipresently deluging the life of every deplorably devastated entity; with universally sparkling and poignant togetherness,

It needed no pretentions; caste; creed; wealth or power to purchase; it needed no specific township to occupy; as it was ready to divinely assimilate into every heart harmoniously willing to accept it; be the timeless jewel of every immaculate eye; such was the everlastingly princely SKY OF PIOUS PEACE.


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