When the astute businessman smiled profoundly exposing his entire armory of teeth; it seemed deliberate and artificial,
I developed an instantaneous abhorrence for him; as he seemed to be having evil intentions lurking furtively in his mind.

When the power hungry politician on the stage smiled; embellished scrupulously in magnificent attire; it seemed as if he was putting in a marathon amount of effort,
He was forcing his lips wide trying to appease the boisterous crowd; when actually the interior realms of his mind wanted him to thunderously snore and sleep.

When the potbellied postman standing on the door smiled; it looked as if he was trying to conceal his intense infuriation,
The ulterior motive behind his congeniality was to extract a glass of cool water; munch at some sizzling refreshments; when he actually felt that he threw the bulky parcels on the ground and ran away.

When the stringent policeman smiled at the culprit; it seemed as if he was vehemently trying to suppress his intense indignation,
All he was doing was nimbly buckling under a threat to his family; when he knew he should be indiscriminately thrashing the criminal for his plethora of barbaric deeds.

When the waiter in the restaurant effeminately smiled; it blatantly appeared as if he was unwillingly pretending,
The bulging purses of his customers had made him adapt to unfair means; while in reality he fervently wished to splash a glass of water on their faces for rebuking and condemning him.

When the doctor in the operation theatre smiled; on first sight it seemed as if he was philanthropic and committed diligently to the impoverished society,
Although after a while I saw him guffawing loudly; while accepting a colossal sum of money for his benevolent deed.

When the drunkard man swaying rampantly on the street smiled; it appeared as if he was hiding a trail of forlorn misery,
There was an accentuated sea of anguish lingering in his inebriated eyes; and he stretched the corners of his cheek simply to pacify apprehensions regarding his health.

When the magician swirling on the stage smiled; it seemed as if it was an intentional attempt to allure the audience,
The conglomerate of his bones felt weary after performing for the entire day; and all he wanted was a cup of steaming coffee compounded with infinite hours of blissful silence.

When the omniscient creator smiled on this earth; there was no questioning the authenticity of his smile,
Although it encompassed scores of organisms; the tangible and ethereal; and I had only a minuscule fraction of his smile to preserve meticulously with me.

And when my beloved smiled staring deeply at me with her emphatic eyes; she put an abrupt end to all my quandaries regarding the world,
It was a smile, which impregnated in me a new spirit to live; a smile which was exclusively meant for me and mind you this time I wasn’t ready to share.


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