When I burnt a cluster of succulent green leaves; torching the same with the
poignant matchstick,
There arose a faded green smoke in the air; causing my intricate eyes to profusely tear.

When I burnt solid crusts of white wax; holding it in the brilliant candle flame,
Infinite streams of hot liquid ran down my palms; diffusing into grey smoke; embossing them with blotches of burnt black.

When I burnt gigantic sheets of plastic with my cigarette lighter; there emanated clouds of achromatic smoke,
It look marathon hours to burn; producing the most unbearable stench I had ever smelt.

When I burnt mountains of brown mud; igniting the same with hot embers of coal; the colossal structure simply refrained to burn,
There arose dying wisps of smoke in the atmosphere; and the tumultuous heat produced made me flee and run.

When I burnt enormous bundles of white cotton; after submerging the same in
disdainful kerosene,
There were clouds of black smoke engulfing all in proximity; with occasional
flufs of distorted cloth entering my eye.

When I burnt lush green grass sprawled on the meadows; inducing sinister
current from a copper wire,
There arose frigid blue smoke; incarcerating the air; which repulsively tickled my nostril; making me puke out consumed food.

When I burnt live cables of electricity suspended on the streets; firing a volley of lead bullet,
There arose white smoke in the air blended with golden sparks; and I ran like a panther; for fear of being electrocuted.

When I burnt fetid sewage decaying in an oblivious heap; with blazing sticks of fire,
There arose crimson smoke in the air; and the odor was so obnoxious; that it
entered through my ears when I closed my nose.

When burnt a close compatriot of mine; placing his lifeless form over a bundle
of dry rosewood,
There arose a wheatish smoke in the air; I reminisced all his actions; and the nostalgia made me cry.

And eventually when I burnt myself; immolating my demeanor with pure gasoline,
The smoke that arose in the air was brilliant red; and the fragrance was the most emollient of all; as it contained profound traces of her heart; portraying the
essence of our love.


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