Snake Leather Belt

I used it to lambaste bald patches of fair skin,
it obliged readily executing brute power with austere amounts of sting.

I viciously strangulated slender necks twisting it,
it bit the skin tenaciously to cause abrupt death.

I suspended it in Luke warm waters of the monsoon lake,
it in turn hoisted a jugglery of golden fish for me to relish.

I stealthily caressed umpteenth pores of my tender flesh with it,
it tantalizingly tickled me to erupt into whirlpools of laughter.

I stuck it firmly to the bare wall; with a backdrop of morbid jungle,
it strikingly resembled the slithering body of a silver snake.

I utilized it as a versatile pulley to evacuate me pails of water,
it did so with jocular smiles; also fetching me my drowned purse alongwith
crystal water.

I embedded it to the ceiling fan forming a tight noose,
got ready to fit in my stocky neck; and a few seconds after to relinquish breath.

I mercilessly burnt it in a heap to proliferate fire,
harmoniously heat substantially cold arenas of my body.

I tugged it dexterously with my palms; pulling my beloved towards me,
then enjoyed the effeminate warmth of her breath cascading down my nape.

It worked like a slave; meticulously performing all tasks to perfection,
although I must mention that my snake leather belt
looked far more enchanting while wound on my potbellied waist,
rather than when executing a plethora of mundane task.


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