Sometimes more tender than a new born child; nostalgically remembering those moments when it was just born,
Sometimes as ferocious as thunderbolts of lightening in the sky; capsizing everyone around; in the tumultuous agony of its insatiable desire.

Sometimes more mystical than the dungeons infinite feet beneath obdurate soil; harboring a festoon of secrets impossible to comprehend,
Sometimes as candid as a mirror; blurting out its innermost of feelings like a parrot on a talking spree.

Sometimes more colorful than the resplendent rainbow in the cosmos; disseminating its myriad of boundless colors to every entity on this planet,
Sometimes as dolorous as the dying soul; painstakingly withering away towards its inevitably horrendous grave.

Sometimes more blistering than the fulminating volcano; casting its enchanting spell on every philanthropic being on this globe,
Sometimes as cowardly as the worm; disappearing into its diminutive den; as the slightest insinuation of fading light.

Sometimes more fast than the cyclonic whirlwind; instilling a wave of ebullient euphoria in every pathetically diminishing body,
Sometimes as reticent as the infinitesimally silent whisper; which even it didn’t posses the capacity to hear.

Sometimes more fathomless than the entire richness of this world; sharing its priceless forms with all who badly needed it,
Sometimes as slithering miserly in the caves of nothingness; begging for mercy; to whomsoever who came its way.

Sometimes more invincible than the most ultimate point of existence; sequestering the righteous from each conceivable acrimonious storm,
Sometimes as collapsing like a pack of burnt cards; even before the wind blew a trifle its way.

Sometimes more divinely than the Creator who evolved it; incarcerating all the mesmerizing beauty of this planet in its inner most core,
Sometimes as dastardly as the diabolical devil; advancing menacingly towards the destruction of living kind.

O! yes the HUMAN HEART, was Sometimes more passionate than the gift called life; perpetually bonding those who loved each other for immortal times,
While Sometimes as treacherous as the satanic scorpion; betraying its own beats; which it once upon a time irrefutably adored.


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