Somewhere in the boundless stacks of golden hay; there lies incorporated an intricately pointed needle,

Somewhere in the sprawling fields of wild creepers; there exists the poignantly scented rose,

Somewhere in the enormous barrels of lethal poison; there lies impregnated; frugal pinches of profoundly sweet honey,

Somewhere in the arid land of the colossal desert; there lies a shimmering pool of slippery oasis,

Somewhere in the ominous castle with dilapidated interiors; there lives the mesmerizing and celestial fairy,

Somewhere in bland chunks of food; there lies embedded parsimonious fillings of piquant salt,

Somewhere in the vast expanse of black charcoal board; there lies embodied conspicuous lines of white chalk,

Somewhere in the midst of the mammoth ocean; there exists the preposterously huge whale,

Somewhere in the conglomerate of disdainfully dusty stones; there lies encapsulated the lustrous white pearl,

Somewhere in the field of hideously snaring reptiles; there exists an fur skinned innocuous rabbit,

Somewhere in the assemblage of utensils producing a discordantly clanging noise; there exists a perpetually silent pigeon feather,

Somewhere in the disheveled heap of blotted cloth; there lies a garment of impeccable and glistening silk,

Somewhere in the mangles debris of blistering lava; there exists a ravishingly cool spring of crystalline water,

Somewhere amidst the ensemble of dead bodies incarcerated in stone coffins; there exists sporadic incidences of fresh life,
Somewhere in the midst of bedraggled urchins incessantly begging for alms; there lives a jeweled prince,

Somewhere in the smoldering ashes of crackling fire; there exists the newly born child,

Somewhere in the thick of intense corruption; abysmal incidences of unsurpassable lechery; there exists a solitarily honest man,

Somewhere in gruesome darkness for a million kilometers in the jungle; there exists a minuscule beam of stringent light,

Somewhere amidst a consortium of satanic devils trying to destroy the earth; there exists the omniscient creator,

And somewhere in this mundane world; with blood sucking individuals inhabiting every nook and cranny; there exists an unbiased girl who can love me like no one else ever did; making me feel every unfurling minute that I was alive.


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