I inadvertently broke sparkling glass panes; while playing cricket,
blurted a pathetic sorry to the outrageous occupants,
before they could take evasive action of slapping me on my face.

i tickled my little brother with curled strokes of pigeon feather,
said an innocent sorry when he was on the verge of erupting into a volley of abuse.

i woke my mother from tranquil realms of midnight sleep,
demanding ravishing items to devour as a feast,
uttered a condoling sorry; when she was on the pinnacle of gaining complete consciousness.

i gulped nightmarish amounts of scotch whisky,
swung my body like a person strangulated by uninhibited emotion,
whispered a down to earth sorry when the cops caught me red-handed.

i brusquely collided head on with the milkman carrying pails of fresh cream,
toppling them on the ground; with rivulets of milk radiating all over,
said iterative numbers of sorry; thoroughly condemning my irate act.

i sketched egg shaped cartoons of my balding math’s teacher,
pasting the graffiti on the walls for all to relish,
blurted a timidly echoing sorry; when he raised the cane to whip my satiny flesh.

i fought like wild cats with my beloved in the day,
causing incorrigible agony to her throbbing heart,
kissed her forehead; saying a sorry which came from deep within my conscience,
to see her smiling with the same intensity with which she first wept.


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