High pitched blaring sound of rock music,
silent gurgling rhyme of partially frozen water.

agonizing screams of deceased for help,
sardonic laughter of affluent sipping grape vine.

rubbing flint stone, produces fiery sound of malevolence,
evacuated gas from earth core, diffusing into clouds of noxious smoke.
crisp noises emanate as shoe soles crush dry leaf,
excreted spit falls with soft thud, kissing the ground.

blooming flowers sway, whistle with the air,
throat chords flex, on savage consumption of bone meal.

pungent voices echo, when lead match brushes sandpaper corrugations,
scorched earth erupts in raptures on intimate contact with drizzling water.

mega gas balloons burst with a bang, on mere caress by pin,
traffic comes to a standstill at instants of security barking stop.

teeth chatter wildly when hit by chilly draughts of breeze,
exuberant voices greet the onset of tropical monsoon.

white flamingo’s sing in rustic breeze of autumn,
sedate sounds float, from dying embers of crackling firewood.

i cry with tenacity, wail in hysteria towards the sky,
pray fervently, to bestow all existing with the sound of omnipresent


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