Spectacularly Majestic Life

As long as there was a relentless urge to drink the most enthrallingly ecstatic elixir’s of this fathomless planet; marvelously satiate the infuriatingly irascible sensations in the miserably parched throat,

As long as there was an ardent urge to intrepidly adventure through the mystically redolent fields of enchanting life; be mesmerized by the ebulliently passing winds to the most unprecedented limits,

As long as there was an unflinching urge to zip through fathomless bits of crystal blue space; feel tirelessly mollified by the sensations of enthralling newness timelessly wandering in the celestial atmosphere,

As long as there was an insatiable urge to get voraciously tickled in the ribs; by bountifully tantalizing seductresses; triggering a whirlpool of unsurpassable desire all throughout the fabric of the everlasting night,

There was a desire to exhilaratingly breathe; there was a desire to exist till times beyond infinite infinity; O! Yes there was spectacularly majestic life.


As long as there was an unprecedented urge to sight the limitlessly panoramic beauty of this perennially bestowing planet; replenish even the most infinitesimal of your beleaguered senses with its unbelievably stupendous splendor,

As long as there was an unparalleled urge to benevolently share; royally assimilate all goodness on this timelessly Samaritan planet,

As long as there was an irrevocable urge to tirelessly procreate; magnificently proliferate God’s most sacrosanct chapter of creation and effulgent newness;
till the very last veritable breath that you exhaled,

As long as there was an incorrigible urge to artistically evolve; intermingle even the most inconspicuous speck of your countenance; with the winds of magically bestowing poetry,

There was a desire to fantastically breathe; there was a desire to exist in astounding synergy with the belly of nature divine; O! Yes there was perpetually insuperable life.


As long as there was an intransigent urge to mischievously cavort through rain soaked mud; soar surreally through the mellifluously robust cocoon of silken clouds,

As long as there was an immutable urge to drown into the aisles of endless sensuality; let the boundless oceans of connubial bliss wholesomely transcend over your every priceless minute,

As long as there was an irretrievable urge to diffuse convivial laughter; philanthropically ameliorate sadistically whiplashed living kind; towards an
optimistically brilliant tomorrow,

As long as there was an infallible urge to handsomely replenish the wildly reverberating pangs of hunger in your stomach; with the miraculously healing
fruits of robust nature,

There was a desire to charismatically breathe; there was a desire to exist perennially bonded with your eternal beloved; O! Yes there was unconquerably emollient life.


As long as there was an inexorable urge to unveil your eyes to the rainbows of vivaciously burgeoning righteousness; forever quell diabolically insidious crime with the waves of ubiquitous peace and synergistic humanity,

As long as there was an irrefutable urge to clasp hand in hand and walk fearlessly forward; stand peerlessly tall to defend the cause of blazingly patriotic truth,

As long as there was an unending urge to embellish the body like a newly-wedded bride; live and let live like an unshakable prince; even though were about to abjure
from every kingly pleasure of survival,

As long as there was an intractable urge to earn your very own livelihood; royally fend for your own body and bone; without being a salaciously decrepit parasite on lame orphanages and kin,

There was a desire to unchallangably breathe; there was a desire to exist forever huddled as a child in the impregnable lap of your heavenly mother; O! Yes there
was pristinely magical life.


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