Speed Breaker

Thickened bulges of curved black tarmac,
painted with stripes of brilliant silver white,
right angled patches of dull yellow,
riveted firmly to loose base of mud ground,
bulging handsomely a few inches above the rock bottom base,
blended with coats of sand and dust in the summer day,
smeared partially with slimy drops of car oil,
kissed hard by bulky tyre tread trespassing,
found virtually on every open street of the city,
and mammoth empty patches of the national highway,
an obnoxious hazard prompting reduction of electric speed,
repetitive squealing of brakes in close vicinity of its periphery,
few meters of air-borne journeys after a head-on confrontation,
existing in variable sizes of ultra large, medium and baby stretch of wax mould,
getting a few hours of disturbed sleep after the clock hour strikes midnight,
i the speed breaker warn you of the following,

never drive at nerve wrecking speed,
compress lever bars of the dipper while overtaking at night,
transform all groans into smiles while on the driving wheel,
don’t gallop at fast speed when the alcohol meter overflows in your body,
give the underprivileged pedestrians on foot faint chances to cross the road,
and last of all bear this in top shelves of your mind forever,
slacken wheel speed to zero as and when you approach a speed breaker.


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