Still The Richest

Not a single cloth to camouflage my devastatingly tottering body; as I trespassed like a ghoulishly grotesque ghost; through the uncouthly chilly winds of vengefully freezing winter,

Not a single penny in my brutally bedraggled pockets; as I insanely loitered like a barbaric lunatic; through the lanes of overwhelmingly stinking poverty;
and depraving cowardice,

Not a single sound in my satanically rotting throat; as I groped like a parsimoniously dumb rat; through the painstakingly debilitated corridors; of dolorous
doom and deprivation,

Not a single hair to envelop my penuriously gleaming scalp; as I became an unsurpassable mountain of deplorable ridicule for the rich and rustically
impoverished; alternatively and alike,

Not a single shade to entrench my hopelessly deadened facial contours; as I pathetically stumbled on every step; into a dungeon of ghastly depression and
horrendous prejudice,

Not a single blush encompassing my haplessly beleaguered cheeks; as I frigidly slithered like colorlessly asphyxiated water; through the deserts of sweltering solitude,

Not a single jewel embellishing my capriciously dithering flesh; as I got inevitably spat upon; by even the most despicably nonchalant of pigs,

Not a single smile encapsulating my unfathomably cracked and sleazy lips; as I fulminated into an unending volley of remorseful tears; even in the most
vibrantly ecstatic moments of vivid life,

Not a single fantasy in my lecherously manipulative brain; as I parasitically sucked whatever I could lay my hands upon; to holistically survive,

Not a single line on my insidiously lackadaisical palms; as I maniacally groped without the slightest of direction; destiny and ambition; for centuries immemorial,

Not a single twinkle in my treacherously withering eyes; as I invidiously sighted nothing but hideously commercial corruption; even in the most majestic land
of the handsomely divine,

Not a single muscle in my abominably delirious arms; as I got wholesomely pulverized by even the most minuscule ants; the instants that they nimbly brushed
by my disgustingly flailing side,

Not a single morsel of food in my tyrannically famished stomach; as I approached veritable extinction more vociferously by the unfurling minute; with a cloud of abhorrent darkness incorrigibly lingering around my bizarrely annihilated persona,

Not a single shadow emanating from my profusely penalized countenance; as I aimlessly wandered without an entity of my own; through the lanes of murderously
crippling doom,

Not a single cheer in my severely deprived demeanor; as I embraced the walls of lugubrious nonchalance; to be worthlessly squelched to piles of inconspicuous
ash; on every path that I tread,

Not a single fortification in my savagely strangulated senses; as I disappeared into wisps of non-existent oblivion; at the tiniest puff of air that wafted; from the irascibly pertinent mosquitoes mouth,

Not a single enchantment in my devilishly maimed veins; as I blended with threadbare granules of insipid dust on the baseless streets; devouring
obdurately dreary stones hurled at me by the entire planet; and from every possible side,

Not a single breath in my sullenly constipated nostrils; as I relinquished even the most infinitesimal desire to survive; even as I was in the pristine prime of everlasting youth,

But still the most richest man on this Universe; as I had her pricelessly invincible heartbeats; the immortal river of her Godly love; perpetually imprisoned in the inner most arenas of my chest; fulminating like a princess unassailable; and forever


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