The tree leaves swayed with injected stimulation from breezy draughts of air,
shedding its foliage at sporadic intervals of time.

stagnant patches of river water formed silken ripples,
with buoyant stimulation offered by cruising boat,
was lined with white froth in abundance when the boat exceeded barriers of speed.

hungry particles of mud transformed into wet slurry,
when fed with stimulation from the pelting drops of rain,
forming soft cushions of water for the birds to take their morning baths.

feeble men started working with newly discovered exhilaration,
when poked with stimulation of mouthwatering food and spring water,
dreary bones now functioned with fresh supply of newly formed blood.

dilapidated engine of car shot ahead with bursts of speed,
when reinforced with stimulation blend of petrol and oil,
the life bestowing concoction flooding scorched testubes in its engine.

bodies heavily soaked in sleep got boisterously active,
when submerged in volatile stimulations of steaming coffee,
wee hours of the night suddenly came alive,
as black currants of coffee barged open doors of blissful sleep.

we will exit out of nefarious deeds and malpractice,
relinquish the crown of prejudice forever,
breathe air, reminiscent of the era in which we were born,
provided we get conducive stimulations that tickle unexplored avenues of our heart,
give us the omnipresent love we as a community of humans have ever perceived.


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