Stream Of Love

O! that crystal clear stream flowing,
From tall precipices of the mountain; cascading below,
Those granules of spring water resemble love,
Make brand new paths to go,
Forming tributaries of eternal love,
Gushing at volatile speeds into the mystic world beneath.

The twisted path made by river flow,
Emphatic with light yellow tinges and glow,
With absolutely no hindrances to grow.
It imparts the secrete messages of hidden compassion,
Spreading its enchanting touch all over,
To this frenzied exhausted world,
With serene black calmness to follow.

The stream descends down in a placid manner,
With euphemistically soothing gurgling sounds,
Radiating in its splendid beauty,
To spread permanent messages of unbiased love,
To give relief in its arms,
Resembling gargantuan twists and turns of empathy.


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