As i loosened taut strings of my dotted lemon purse,
there oozed out incredible amounts of corrugated currency coins; falling with sedate thuds on spongy cushions of carpet green grass,
luring cupid individuals in mammoth numbers towards their salacious demeanour,
pacifying raging fires; in order to sustain mystical vagaries of life.

as dense foliage of trees released venom strings from the devil grey clouds,
pudgy globules of water pelted down with monstrous fury,
wiping traces of obdurate dirt from mud painted leaves,
sweeping fragile tufts of clay; effusive clusters untamed fauna,
inundating every centimeter of barren land with gallons of; pure rain water.

when i dexterously snapped entwined chords of my inflated parachute,
soaring like a princely eagle at invincible altitudes of the sky,
the contraption nose dived towards the chain of chafed rocks,
colliding with obstreperous bangs against stiletto outlines of pointed stone,
and i relinquished breath without; animated struggle with the Creator.

as i opened my mouth to bark a string of incoherent words,
woven with threads of intransigent abuse,
the babble seemed feckless and disillusioning,
prompting masses of people to vindictively spew spit behind my back.

and when she decoded tension ridden strings of my nictitating heart,
i erupted opulently into raptures of ebullient emotion,
rebuking forever the insecurity that besieged my persona,
making me oblivious to the most heinous of pain,
drowning me under furry quilt covers of celestial sleep.


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