Strings Of Benign Humanity

When I was philandering through the despicably lugubrious dungeons; the beats of my heart were as remorseful as the miserably sulking snakes; lecherously crippling all my glorious desire to live,

When I was soaring like an angel amidst the vivaciously pungent clouds; the beats of my heart were as ecstatic as torrential thundershowers of silver rain; enshrouding every element of my persona with unfathomable happiness,

When I was loitering aimlessly beside the ghastly graveyards; the beats of my heart were as devastatingly forlorn as dead skeletons; as I incessantly churned an unsurpassable ocean of the satanically evil; in the top most compartments of my

When I was insidiously thrown in a cistern of vindictive acid; the beats of my heart shrieked vociferously in utter disbelief; intransigently cursing every strata of the blissfully living and those nonchalantly non-existent; alike,

When I was surreptitiously wandering in ominously alien territory; the beats of my heart were as nervous as the rampantly fluttering butterflies; indefatigably
pounding on me to quickly make my way; to the invincible walls of my home,

When I was patriotically marching through the ferociously pugnacious warfield; the beats of my heart were as thunderous as streaks of electric lightening descending from the sky; insatiably ringing with full cry of life; to triumphantly gallop past the
euphorically blazing; finishing line,

When I was indolently dozing in the heart of the acrimoniously sweltering desert; the beats of my heartwere as lackadaisical as frigidly capricious and decaying mushrooms; unfathomably greedy for ravishingly titillating rhyme and liquid,

When I was seated in the center of the sleazily spurious and glittering corporate office; the beats of my heart were as savagely vengeful as the hideously curled scorpion; blaming even the most celestial element of this Universe; for unfortunately placing me amidst a bunch of baselessly commercial tycoons,

When I was frenziedly rolling in seductive meadows of lanky grass; the beats of my heart were as romantic as the tantalizingly dancing shadows of dusk; enshrouding
every cranny of my impoverished demeanor; with unparalleled longing and
vibrant desire,

When I was fanatically writing blissfully panoramic poetry; the beats of my heart were as silken as Divine angels philanthropically bequeathing upon the true splendor of irrefutable humanity; handsomely dictating each ingredient of my crimson blood to evolve countless lines of magnificently spell binding literature,

When I was frantically groping for my way amongst a horrifically pulverizing battalion of murderous sharks; the beats of my heart were as cataclysmic as
tumultuously erupting volcano’s; urgently imparting all strength on this fathomless planet to my hands and legs; to impregnably reach the serenely amicable shores,
When I was flirtatiously winking outside her impeccable kitchen window; the beats of my heart were as ebullient as the vibrantly dancing peacocks; weaving a chapter of timeless enchantment; across each nerve of mine dithering towards a horrendously
diabolical extinction,

When I was incarcerated devilishly behind the deplorably despondent prison bars; the beats of my heart were as relentlessly restless as flickering beams of cloud camouflaged sunlight; overwhelmingly imploring me to shatter my shackles; and surge uninhibitedly free in the enigmatic world outside,

When I was compassionately suckling an unsurpassable ocean of honey; the beats of my heart were as melodious as the ecstatically singing nightingale; instigating me to perennially gallivant on the path of solidarity; a road to benevolently proliferating

When I was standing barechested on the summit of the astronomically gigantic and freezing mountain; the beats of my heart were as exhilarated as the bountifully diving dolphins; turbulently pioneering me to coin mesmerizing chapters of a synergistic
existence; on every path that I enthusiastically tread,

When I was seated on the bombastically embellished King’s throne; the beats of my heart were as inflated as the trumpet of non-existent paradise; dawning the essence of boundlessly unlimited power; upon every iota of my devastatingly
shriveled senses,

When I was in the sacrosanct lap of my Godly mother; the beats of my heart were as pristine as the wails of a freshly born infant; making me insurmountably rejoice moments of everlasting childhood; even as I was about to abdicate my last breath to menacing disease,

When I was staring eye to eye in the dynamically blazing eyes of my unconquerable father; the beats of my heart took an intransigent pledge never to stop; until and unless I perpetually metamorphosed into the astounding Venus star; for centuries immemorial,

But when I fell in love with the most enchanting girl of my enamoring dreams; the beats of my heart relinquished me uncouthly forever; only to bond with the immortal mountain of her priceless romance; to further coalesce the entire planet with the strings of benign humanity.


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