Suddenly my lips blossomed into a celestial smile; overshadowing all the bizarre apprehensions that I was confronted with; just few seconds ago,

Suddenly my eyes blended with an unfathomable fountain of dreams; relinquish every iota of gruesome blindness that had uncouthly besieged me since years,

Suddenly my hair stood up in ecstatic exhilaration; almost uprooting the scalp as they danced the dance of their lives; without a trace of diminutive wind,

Suddenly my blood galloped like infinite tornado’s through my veins; massacring all signs of devastating disease that had so irrevocably enveloped each of my senses,

Suddenly my palms started to indefatigably clap; rising with the profoundly exuberant breeze; in their perennial desire to kiss the mystical cocoon of glorious clouds,

Suddenly my teeth commenced to relentlessly chatter; and my throat sung the most fabulous song of its enslaved life,

Suddenly my ears erupted out of their spell of hopeless deafness; compassionately drifted to even the most infinitesimally exotic sound lingering around,

Suddenly my stomach reverberated with insatiable pangs of hunger; resolving to remain famished till eternity; even though I consumed the most appetizing morsels of
food on this planet,

Suddenly my shadow fluttered in ebullient enthrallment; surreally stretching its realms; beyond the land of seductively gyrating fairies,

Suddenly my fingers united to write boundless lines of poetry; sketching the fathomlessly mesmerizing contours of the enigmatic gorge; even though they were
brutally paralyzed,

Suddenly my neck enchantingly wandered in all directions; frantically searching for that slim ray of unparalleled excitement,

Suddenly my feet intransigently galloped through the romantically bountiful meadows; diffusing incomprehensible spurts of enthusiastic energy; on
every step they tread,

Suddenly my cheeks blushed astoundingly to a volatile crimson; inevitably attracting even the most insipid of dead grass blades; in their splendidly rubicund swirl,

Suddenly my skin developed countless royal goose-bumps; tantalizingly experiencing and basking in the glory; of magnificently vacillating weather,

Suddenly my pulse raced like a star shooting majestically from gregarious sky; even though I sat cross-legged; in the sullen heart of my ghastly corpse,

Suddenly my mind fantasized above the corridors of the incredulously extraordinary; perceiving the most mystically grandiloquent forms of this Universe; even when despondently enshrouded with treacherously deadly tumor,

Suddenly my soul united with the Omnipresently divine; and I felt that I had attained godly heaven; for fathomless more births of mine,

Suddenly I felt my heart throb passionately for all that was philanthropically beautiful on this earth; immortally bonding its beats with the ultimate soul mate of its dreams,

And suddenly I fell in love even before I could shrug the dreariness of the previous night; perpetually embracing the beloved who added optimistic dimensions
to my impoverished life; more importantly the girl who made me feel alive beyond my destined time.


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