Sun God

Some called it a blazing volcano; sizzling every nook and cranny of the earth with its fiery rays,

Some called it fulminating lava erupting at swashbuckling speeds; charring everything that came its way into infinitesimal bits of invisible ash,

Some called it an ocean of swirling fire; with its omnipotent power to penetrate trough the most gruesome of prevailing darkness,

Some called it a majestic lion fully charged up; roaring indefatigably till everything around it was in blissful calm,

Some called it a vivacious and golden crystal of smothering coal; able to cure even the most inexplicable of disease loitering on this earth,

Some called it a flaming and a supremely transparent mirror; having the incredible power of gobbling all other shadows on this planet except its own,

Some called it a battlefield of the highest degree; simply invincible to defeat; even by the most valiant battalion of soldiers,

Some called it an angry cloud that never rained; evaporating every trace of evil from the gloomy trajectory of ground,

Some called it an amber bowl of boiling honey; causing even the most impregnable of entity staring into it to inevitably wink,

Some called it a cascading waterfall of blistering energy; taking the demon by tumultuous force in its impetuous wrath,

Some called it an inland of unprecedented courage; impregnating even the weakest body standing beneath it; with daunting strength and fortitude,

Some called it the King of all eggs always shining; fomenting boundless number of mammalian eggs to hatch into innocuous fledglings; providing them with the most conducive quantity of heat,

Some called it a dazzling fountain of bubbling acid; which left no scope at all for misery; till the time it grandiloquently glowed all day,

Some called it the most unadulterated body ever created; with every soul on this globe; unanimously revering it for the irrefutable sanctity it possessed,
Some called it a flamboyantly shimmering spoon; which looked after each and every object breathing; saw to it that everyone was sumptuously fed,

Some called it a scintillating sword; having the prowess to wholesomely annihilate the one it wanted with its marvelously gleaming edge,

Some called it the ultimate savior in times of unwarranted distress; igniting rays of hope with its omnipresent light,

Some called it an immeasurable diamond; with its unsurpassable depth; defeating the worst of chilly night,

Different people living in different tribes christened it by countless names and opinions; absolutely astounded by the strength of its unconquerable beams,
But I will always call and worship it as my undefeated God; my loving and immortally adorable Sun God.


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