Sun- Our Sole Reservoir Of Strength.

The most inexplicably ghastliest and torturous of
diseases; got wholesomely cured; under its
Omnipotently fiery and divinely blazing rays,

The most acrimoniously venomous and meaningless of
prejudices; got disdainfully massacred; under its
handsomely unflinching and timelessly liberating rays,

The most indiscriminately massacring and terrorizing
of wars; became forever non-existent; under its
spectacularly virile and majestically emollient rays,

The most diabolically tormenting and unsparing of
ghosts; metamorphosed into nothingness; under its
Omnisciently royal and fearlessly invincible rays,

The most deliriously demented and sadistic of brains;
became righteously blissful; under its jubilantly
ecstatic and timelessly ameliorating rays,

The most insanely stinking and lividly battered of
shit; became fragrantly meaningful; under its royally
ubiquitous and interminably sweltering rays,

The most drearily remorseful and incarcerating of
blackness; became optimistic daylight; under its
triumphantly sagacious and unchallangably sacred rays,

The most intolerably gory and unpardonable of crimes;
got celestial salvation; under its universally
benevolent and indefatigably golden rays,

The most peevishly subjugated and imprisoned of veins;
became uninhibitedly free; under its magnetically
unabashed and extraordinarily flamboyant rays,

The most uncontrollably hedonistic and sinister of
obsessions; commenced to march on the path of eternal
truth and symbiotism; under its unconquerably
beautiful and unflinchingly dazzling rays,

The most sadistically perverted and sacrilegious of
imagery; transformed into a paradise of dreams; under
its gorgeously Omnipresent and undyingly benign rays,
The most vehemently vengeful and dogmatic of
stubbornness; became a gorge of infallible peace;
under its vivaciously inimitable and synergistically
unabashed rays,

The most ominously lethal and treacherous of
rebellion; became holistically compassionate
camaraderie; under its bountifully fathomless and
undefeatedly honest rays,

The most cadaverously jinxed and cursed of spirits;
became miraculously blessing freshness; under its
limitlessly extemporizing and spell-bindingly
captivating rays,

The most unfortunately unfinished and fretful of
desires; became the most successful reality of
tomorrow; under its unalterably glowing and
synergistically blessed rays,

The most cannibalistically atrocious and heinous of
impoverishment; became boundlessly inimitable
pricelessness; under its magically glittering and
regally insuperable rays,

The most wantonly lecherous and maiming of atheism;
became unassailably pristine devotion; under its
selflessly victorious and inexhaustibly incomparable rays,

The most disastrously delinquent and castrating
infertility; transformed into the ultimate seeds of
charismatic evolution; under its unceasingly
enlightening and impeccably godly rays,

The most bizarrely crippling and doomed hopelessness;
became the winds of exuberantly galloping tomorrow;
under its wonderfully effulgent and faultlessly fecund rays,

And inspite of all this; isn’t it strange; that you;
me and virtually every other human being on earth; ran
away from the everlasting firebody of the Omnipotent
Sun; worthlessly complaining that it was a trifle too
harsh for our skins; burning us; blackening us;
charring us; making us relentlessly perspire;
worthlessly slandering the Sun infront of the stupidly
lifeless air-conditioner; for salaciously tiring us;
whereas it was our sole reservoir of strength;
inspiration and power to survive; in veritable


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