Sun Temple

The atmosphere was enveloped with raspberry essence,
octagon pillars held the vast expanse of egg shaped roof,
mystical scriptures were engraved on stone,
the floor was strewn with century old clay,
the exquisite elevation was an architectural treat,
a trio of saffron flags blew on towering roof,
tubular well was 1000 feet deep in belly of earth,
the dungeons contained armoury of knife, and gleaming sword,
the idol of sun god hissed fire,
the sacrificial altar, was smeared with holy ash,
metal boards showcased clippings of war,
melodious sounds, a ramification of,
brass tongues striking golden bodied bell,
blistering sunshine baked the structure in day,
effeminate light of the moon embraced it all night,
ivory tusks projected from stuffed elephants in crimson grey,
ornamental doors were embroidered with brass,
a grisly haired guide, held bulky manuscripts,
entertained hordes of visitors, fleet of school children,
with nostalgic memories of the golden era,
in which were built the fiery walls of the SUN TEMPLE.


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