It came after 6 days of grueling work,
6 days of assiduous effort under the scorching ball of Sun,
6 days of unrelenting tasks executed at electric pace,
6 days of insufficient meals blended with stingy
amounts of obnoxious coffee,
6 days of absolution from amicable domains of family,
6 days of sedulous expeditions in packed to capacity commuter trains,
6 days of deprivation from a ravishing game of long tennis,
6 days of obliteration from revitalizing spray of the ocean,
6 days of conscious efforts to wear feckless and spurious smiles,
6 days of wandering in a claustrophobic ambience of lackluster paper,
6 days of monotonous salute to the disillusioning supremo,
6 days of dedicated projects; with eyes incorrigibly glued to the computer,
6 days of incessant perspiration dribbling down crisp shirt,
6 days of onerous struggle to compete with intellectuals,
6 days of nostalgia for peace; weighing heavily on mind,
6 days of obstreperous noise piercing through soft ear,
6 days of aching feet; with spasmodically restless back,
6 days of impatient sigh’s and a perpetual longing for melodious sleep.

The seventh day finally did arrive,
I drew back multiple blinds in my apartment house,
to let sizzling rays of dawn fumigate my persona,
slept late in the morning; oblivious to hassles of mundane work,
consumed barrels of enticing beer; nibbling fresh nut on the silver sands of
the beach,
languidly strolled a few miles with the pungent spray of the water,
stimulating my dreary eyes; as i candidly prayed to the Creator,
to bless me and my family with bountiful more Sunday’s.


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