Supremely Immortal

The scarlet rose was mortal; but its alluring essence that lingered for centuries unprecedented in the dreary atmosphere; was supremely immortal,

The blue crested nightingale was mortal; but its enchanting sound diffusing rhapsodic melody in every corner of the fathomless Universe; was supremely immortal,

The dark dotted tiger was mortal; but its thunderously deafening roar that instilled a wave of inexplicable terror in infants even before they were born; was supremely immortal,

The consortium of ominously dark clouds was mortal; but the mesmerizing beauty and flamboyant grace which they imparted to the firmament of azure sky; was supremely immortal,

The marble shaped eye was mortal; but the marvelously magnificent picture of the world which it provided to the impoverished persona; was supremely immortal,

The battalion of resplendent stars twinkling in the cosmos were mortal; but the tenacious illumination which they conjured up every single night; was supremely immortal,

The feather tipped fountain pen was mortal; but the infinite lines of inspiration it had embodied for the entire planet to enjoy and imbibe; was supremely immortal,

The innovative Scientist was mortal; but his ensemble of ingenious inventions which metamorphosed the complexion of this world; were supremely immortal,

The contemporarily sleazy watch was mortal; but the time that ticked over; prevailed profoundly ever since the very instant this earth was created; was supremely immortal,

The ardent philosopher was mortal; but his scores of unequivocally philanthropic ideals casting a spell on tangible life for decades immemorial; were supremely immortal,

The furtively deceptive mirage was mortal; but the sprawling blanket of scorchingly flaming desert sands; was supremely immortal,

The incident which happened faster than the speed of white light was mortal; but the piquant memories it left behind; besieging the mind in wholesome entirety; was supremely immortal,

The festoon of diamonds was mortal; but the incorrigibly fervent glow that it radiated; coining irrefutable benchmarks in fragile personalities; was supremely immortal,

The solitarily deserted monsoon pond was mortal; but the verdant vegetation it left behind; which kept proliferating at amazing speeds into infinite more of its kind; was supremely immortal,

The speed of thought was mortal; but the ecstatic whirlpool of exhilaration it
generated; was supremely immortal,

The compassionately amicable smile was mortal; but the feeling of good will which it perpetuated worldwide; was supremely immortal,

The activity of mischievous flirtation was mortal; but the eternal love it blissfully culminated into was; supremely immortal,

And the body was mortal; someday found itself inevitably beneath the morbid grave; but the spirit of the perpetual soul it left behind; was supremely immortal


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