Slender slices of steel acquired the complexion of molten curry,
when amber flames of the fire licked their persona with savage heat.

infinite blades of lush green grass were camouflaged in dew drops,
after blissful long spells of winter night sleep.

brutally scorched skin of desert camel oozed droplets of water,
when struck by incessant heat reigning with immense fervour in all quarters.

ornate petals of the red daisy produced nectar in abundance,
after hosting a cluster of humming bees having fertile sacs of golden honey.

concrete walls embodied with red brick displayed slimy coats of moisture,
after brand new strokes of ravishing wall paint.

the ergonomically sculptured car seat felt amazingly humid,
after i inhabited it, sank on it relishing my posture, for unsurpassable lengths of time.

the surface of earth vomited Herculean amounts of sizzling lava,
imprisoned within its innermost core for decades in strangulation.

colossal masses of rich black clouds excreted gallons of water,
when hovering in close proximity with the green periphery of earth.

wild branches of the raspberry tree expurgated fat globules of bitter milk,
as i adroitly ripped their skins with my fingernails.

my body perspired like hell when thoroughly exposed to currents of warm Sunshine,
as blistering waves of heat sapped reserve quota’s of energy,
sweating like an untamed pig all along the sultry ambience of pitch dark night.


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