Sweet Alarm Clock

I marched rambunctiously up the steps to my office; greeted my boss before anybody else could with a profoundly amicable smile,
While he slept lazily on his cozy bed; even well past brilliant afternoon.

I got ready for the high priority business meeting; sat in synchronized harmony beside the delegate adorned in an expensively embellished suit; with my pulse nearly racing out of my heart,
While he nimbly turned his back from one side to another; inadvertently shrugged at the flies hovering pertinently round his cheek.

I bounced boisterously on the vacant streets at the crack of glistening dawn; relentlessly admiring the Sun as it shone to its most overwhelming radiance,
While he drew the quilt even more tenaciously over his head; shielding his eyes even from the tiniest trace of white light.

I jogged fervently through the verdant lawns; with ravishing grass incessantly tickling my dreary feet; letting infinite globules of golden perspiration dribble down my arms,
While he emanated a volley of thunderous snores; inundating the blissful atmosphere around with his disdainfully pugnacious sound.

I dug gargantuan chunks of fresh soil with my hands as hostile rays of afternoon filtered through my hazel eyes; sowed a cluster of salubrious seed in every
visible quarter of fecund land,
While he dozed like the most treacherous demon on this planet; sleeping invincibly with his bohemian feet pointing towards the garland of resplendent stars.

I executed each of my task meticulously as the clock indefatigably ticked; harmoniously carrying out all my duties of the day without the slightest of
circumspection or bewilderment,
While he sucked his big thumb worse than a small baby; with a mountain of silken pillow profusely enveloping his scalp.

I leapt in ecstatic jubilation in torrential sheets of voluptuous rain; splashing my entire persona in the freshly sparkling stream of seductive water,
While he mumbled incoherent words in his divinely reverie; refrained to budge an inch; even as a battalion of red cockroach crawled in his limp ear.

I immensely relished each shade of the day; flamboyantly marched past the serene seaside; with the congenial evening breeze kissing fabulously across my chest,
While he didn’t even know the world in which he was living; whether it was stringent morning outside or ghastly night.

I reaped the most blissful of merits in life; optimizing each opportunity that came my way; climbing the ladders to unprecedented success and irrefutable prosperity,
While he poked his tongue out a trifle; slavered pathetically at the mouth; let the parasites around suck his morbid blood without being perturbed one bit.

And the only difference between me and him was; that I woke up with a jolted start every morning; as my sweet alarm clock whipped the last ounce of my sleep with its deafening noise,
While he was left miserably asleep and doped till well past after midnight; till when infact I had victoriously completed my full quota of days; my complete quota of enchanting nights.


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