Sweet Success

There were no surreptitious secrets to achieve it; bask in its gloriously scintillating laurels for centuries immemorial,

There were no clandestine shortcuts to catapult to it; shimmer in its unparalleled cynosure; like no other entity on this astronomically colossal Universe,

There were no easy rides to gallop towards it; unequivocally embellish it in your forehead; for countless more births of yours yet to unveil,

There were no magical mantras to wholesomely assimilate it; irrefutably ensure that it was solely yours; from amongst infinite more on this unendingly
gargantuan planet,

There were no incoherent insinuations to perpetually incarcerate it; perennially ensure that it didn’t budge even an inconspicuous inch from your invincible

There were no ominously nefarious means to blissfully absorb it; witness it become the unfathomably poignant radiance; that reflected profusely from your
disastrous soul,

There were no dexterously ambiguous methods to lure it; unleash it from the unsurpassably limitless Universe; to make it the bountiful carpet of your stinking household,

There were no miraculous rockets to unflinchingly escalate to it; sight the entire planet as an infinitesimal insect; sitting on its majestically kingly countenance,

There were no ravishingly melodious tunes to seduce it; make it the profoundly aristocratic jewel of your impoverished eyes; while the rest of the globe envied
you in utter disbelief,

There were no swords to nonchalantly pluck it; bestow it with astronomical ease in the heart of your dwindling palms; for times immemorial,

There was no tenacious breeze to swipe it entirely in one single go; proudly solemnize your severely devastated existence; with all stupendous glory that
lay in the resplendent cosmos,

There were no sleazily titillating colors to tantalize it; uninhibitedly make it the celestial radiance of your frigidly capricious skin; for decades unprecedented,

There were no bombastic pools of crocodile tears to melt it; trap its divinely prosperity forever; in the swirl of your insidiously non-existent imagery,

There were no ideals of spuriously pathetic business management to grasp it; forever embed its triumphantly glittering flag on the roof of your vengefully
dithering dwelling,
There were no rigid textbook incantations to seek it; gyrate in the spell of its heavenly ebullience; irrespective of ghastly night or spell bindingly sweltering day,

There were no ingeniously scientific formulas to wonderfully evolve it; preserve it without the slightest of effort; for incomprehensibly unstoppable decades on the trot,

There were no flash in the pan one-night-stands to reach it; let its marvelously enamoring intensity; descend upon every cranny of your lecherously diminutive visage,

There were no bizarrely commercial manipulations to trade it; make it the most unassailably treasured aspect of your despicable life; in exchange of fathomless treasuries of your rotting wealth,

And if there was any way to immortally reach it; divinely experience it in every philanthropic smile of your survival; then it was irrefutably and only timeless perseverance; a Sun of blazing hard work; that undisputedly leads you to the heaven of; unconquerably sweet success.


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