Swimming Pool

The crystal water looked marvelously blue,
shining like a glowworm in the infectious moonlight,
filled in a hexagon tank lined with pure sandstone,
stainless metal slides converging down from amazing
long strips of diving board for a headlong plunge,
crisscrossed threads of netlon bifurcating it into equal halves,
large injections of disinfectant added at fixed intervals of time,
cozy changing rooms stacked with luxury towel,
mega perfume canisters for swimming in ecstasy,
inflated circular rings of rubber for wading through the deep,
an ambience of pine tree and sprawling lawn proved more than conducive,
the swimming pool was a treat to the eye in blistering heat of the summer month.

i couldn’t resist any further,
waves of exhilaration dismantled sensible imagery,
as i clambered short rungs of the steep ladder,
gave a shrill scream, relishing thoroughly the icy waters,
after plummeting 50 feet down from,
the ergonomically sculptured diving board.


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