Switch Of The Air-Conditioner Please

I felt unrelentingly strangulated; with exhausted blasts of wind emanating from my nose,
Gloominess besieging me with tumultuous force; piercing through my innocuous heart,
An ocean of sweat dribbled down at astoundingly slow speed; trespassing my brow,
The crispness of my shirt; now transited into a completely bedraggled texture,
An inevitable sensation to scratch engulfed my naked skin; and intricate areas of sandwiched between the curly mass of my hair,
A fetid odor wafting from my mouth; permeated the rustically plush ambience,
Incessant shuffling of my feet; made me feel intensely uncomfortable,
Trapped mosquitoes stung succulent chunks of my flesh; inundating my palms with embarrassing blemishes,
My hands felt stiff; starved and thoroughly deprived of the tiniest of movement,
Folds of my skin camouflaging my eye felt heavy; my vision growing disconcertingly blurred by the unleashing minute,
A plethora of jerks rattled the most tenacious of my bone; waking me up every second from my blissful reveries,
that is when I unabashedly shouted in the luxury car, to switch of
the air-conditioner please.


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