Shaking a cluster of hair vigorously; was a symbol of euphoric ecstasy,
Moving the feet unrelentingly; was a symbol of acute nervousness,
Punching the fists vehemently in placid air; was a symbol of impetuous indignation,
Opening the lips partially towards the moon; was a symbol of celestial dreaming,
Fluttering the eyelids viciously; was a symbol of flirtatious mischief,
Clenching the fortress of teeth in a grimace; was a symbol of incorrigible anger,
Whistling incessantly to tunes of unheard music; was a symbol of frantic fantasizing,
Biting the supple nail coat of calcium from fingers; was a symbol highlighting sheer contemplation,
Beads of cold sweat uncannily trickling down the forehead; was a symbol of intense fear,
A battalion of crimson pores emanating from tender skin; was a symbol
of contracting disdainful measles,
Excruciating pain in the bones while hoisting the bucket; was a symbol of distressing fracture,
Frequent sensations of emptying the bladder; was a symbol of anticipatory excitement,
A plethora of goose-bumps diffusing from soft flesh; was a symbol of shivering in austere cold,
Waking up with startled jerks a few hours after midnight; was a symbol of witnessing a ghastly nightmare,
Obstreperously swallowing gargantuan gulps of cold water; was a symbol of insatiable thirst,
Gasping for precious breath after long sprints of running; was a symbol of tumultuous exhaustion,
Unruly stubs of hair projecting from the disheveled face; was a symbol of refraining to shave,
Intractably staring at piles of glittering gold in the treasury; was a symbol of malicious cupidity,
Licking the lips voraciously after consumption of meal; was a symbol of fulfilling gratification,
Dancing exuberantly till the first rays of new dawn; was a symbol of overwhelming jubilation,
Sleeping for marathon hours extra even after the rising of dazzling Sun; was a
symbol of lackluster life,
And the violent beating of heart; blended with feelings of uninhibited passion; was a symbol of instantaneous love.


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