Tablet Of Soap

Washing tonnes of daily dirt,
a hexagon shaped carbolic bar,
producing gargantuan amount of froth when rubbed vigorously,
obnoxious odour when mixed with fruit juice,
waves of scented euphoria for bulk of the day,
scraping blanket of germs from skin,
whitewashing body with germicidal paint brush,
gently caressing flesh with rich lather,
culminating into elastic bubble spray,
blending superbly with tepid tap water,
fumigating scalp hair, slaining chains of dandruff,
reinvigorating natural electric balance of body,
extremely bitter in taste with a mesmerizing smell,
a thorough essential inhabiting wash rooms,
available in plain, multicolored bars, wrapped in gaudy paper,
transforming breathing idols of dirt, to immaculate Gods,
also used for washing, smudged clothes,
long silky curls of animal skin,
initiating allergic reaction while entering the eye,
is my beautiful red luxury tablet of soap


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