Tablets Of Immortal Love.

Tablets of overwhelmingly fabulous scent; to conquer acrimoniously debilitating headache; miraculously soothe and rejuvenate the traumatized nerves of scalp,

Tablets of nostalgically rhapsodic and impeccable childhood; to conquer murderously diabolical monotony; impregnate mystically reinvigorating dimensions to sordid life,

Tablets of unflinchingly intrepid patriotism; to conquer horrifically impeaching traitors; annihilating them with swords of irrefutable righteousness; to teach them the ultimate lessons of their life,

Tablets of enthrallingly mesmerizing beauty; to conquer despicably grotesque ugliness; treacherously dilapidated stagnation rotting in the aisles of salaciously miserable hell,

Tablets of euphorically exotic and ravishing wind; to conquer the curtainspread of dolorously derogatory depression; trigger optimistic beams of desire in the unfathomably satanic sonority; of the lecherous night,

Tablets of vivaciously resplendent rainbows; to conquer the dungeon of deplorably painstaking silence; blissfully perpetuate the gory cocoon of remorse with; fountains of ebulliently jubilant cheer,

Tablets of melodiously fascinating sound; to conquer the barbarically corrugated gutter of rambunctiously blood sucking noise; the voices of indiscriminately
abhorrent terror spread all around,

Tablets of insatiably jubilating charisma; to conquer the corpse of dreadfully pathetic remorse; ignite the light of eternal happiness in all those deliberately dwindling towards a ominous extinction,

Tablets of poignantly bountiful compassion; to conquer the hideously profuse and ailing wounds of disdainful malice; coalescing one and all alike; in the
mesmerizing cistern of humanity,

Tablets of enchantingly blissful fantasy; to conquer daggerheads of lunatic mania; transit the unsurpassably frazzled demeanor; into one with resplendently twinkling sleep,

Tablets of wonderfully magical and Omnipotent rain; to conquer the acridly sweltering heat of the tyrannically lambasting deserts; replenish all those
impoverishedly famished with miraculous blessings; of the majestic Almighty Lord,

Tablets of tantalizingly divine and benign smiles; to conquer the inexplicably unrelenting agony of the imprisoned soul; unfurl into a cloud of vivacious

Tablets of exuberantly exhilarating speed; to conquer the graveyard of lackadaisical laziness; resurgently bond in waves of uninhibited solidarity; to blaze on the path towards truth and philanthropic triumph,

Tablets of astoundingly procreating evolution; to conquer the obsolete walls of morbidly forlorn oblivion; spawn an incomprehensible civilization of tingling newness on even; the most nonchalantly nondescript pathways of existence,

Tablets of mischievously flirtatious and naughty winking; to conquer the venomous savagery of the abominable corporate world; romance like a prince in the aisles of unequivocally unprecedented desire,

Tablets of Omnisciently fabulous and discerning sight; to conquer the blanket of worthlessly ghastly darkness; emerge out as the most priceless messiah of
humanity and adding a celestial sparkle to all brutally devastated lives,

Tablets of unassailably glittering and unshakable truth; to conquer heinously pernicious well of malevolently stinking lies; filter the Sun of Omnipresent hope; in all those despairingly crippling lives,

Tablets of invincibly ecstatic and heavenly breath; to conquer the ludicrously dithering deathbed of disparaging death; ubiquitously disseminate the tonic of pricelessly grandiloquent life; every time the planet earth was once again; marvelously born,

And tablets of immortally glorious and impregnable love; to conquer the insidiously sinister chapter of betrayal; irrefutably sign every page in the textbooks of vibrant life; with the spirit of Godly togetherness; the most sacred endowment of Almighty


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