When the rustic horned cow swished its slender tail,
hordes of buzzing flies absconded at fast pace for saving their lives.

when the fur coated sheep dog wagged its angular tail,
there were waves of euphoric ecstasy that hovered around his persona.

when the radiant eyed tawny cat fluttered her bulky tail,
it was an evident signal that she could ferociously attack any moment.

when the acrobatic monkey swayed its nimble tail,
several of its progeny hung to it; making merry in sedative currents of autumn breeze.

when the rubicund complexioned chameleon caressed her tail with ground,
it was a symbol of optimism; highlighting her perennial urge to hunt.

when the serrated skin alligator flashed its menacing tail,
the beast conveyed exorbitant amounts of pleasure; while basking in the midday Sun.

when the fast track stallion batted its aspirant tail,
there was an accentuated indication of his charged emtoions; at the commencement of race.

when a battalion of red ants flickered their tails,
they danced with blissful harmony in a godown stashed full with salubrious
food grain.

when the colossal sized dinosaur moved its Herculean tail,
virgin expanses of solid earth; diffused into inarticulate crevices of gaping hole.

and when the omnipotent demeanour of Godhead lifted his tail,
he hoisted the entire universe with overwhelming spurts of ease,
on which lived the affluent, the poor, the animate and intangible; and a host of animals which had previously swished their tails.


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