Tantalising My Heart

Tantalizing my impoverished eyes; was her ingratiatingly ravishing belly; as she swished like the ultimate seductress of ecstatic fantasy; through the glorious curtainspread of the pristine forests,

Tantalizing my diminutive lips; was her fabulously enamoring smile; as she majestically bequeathed upon her magical grace; upon every step that she royally
trespassed through,

Tantalizing my indigently bedraggled palms; was her sensuously titillating flesh; as she blossomed like an impeccable fairy; disseminating the essence of humanity on every particle of the rhapsodic atmosphere; that she tenderly caressed,

Tantalizing my rustically bohemian feet; were her unsurpassably delectable fingertips; as she weaved a trail of poignantly euphoric compassion; to magnificently metamorphose my treacherously beleaguered life,

Tantalizing my blearily exhausted eardrum; was her exotically spell binding voice; as she marvelously whispered the secrets of a charismatically enigmatic existence; at the crack of every seductively ethereal dawn,

Tantalizing my devastatingly dithering teeth; was her immaculately shimmering nape; as she swirled piquantly in a garden of unfathomably gregarious rose; surrendering herself in wholesome totatlity to the mists of unprecedented desire,

Tantalizing my uncouthly estranged tastebuds; was the captivating softness in her melodious touch; as she bounced exhilaratingly on the carpet of untamed yearning; for centuries incomprehensible,

Tantalizing my staggeringly famished veins; was her unassailable ardor to propel forward in life; patriotically march towards the corridors of irrefutable triumph; to spawn and sparkle a holistically vibrant tomorrow,

Tantalizing my painstakingly withering tongue; was her candidly explicit speech; as she divulged the innermost recesses of her heart; to bloom into a fountain of ubiquitous honesty and unequivocal humanity,

Tantalizing my pathetically shriveled spine; was her voluptuously sizzling reflection; as she spun the tale of our everlastingly mesmerizing romance; to blend with the paradise of bountiful glory in blue sky,

Tantalizing my ludicrously barren scalp; was the rhythmic cadence of her daintily plodding footsteps; as she frolicked like an impeccable angel behind the
inscrutably starlit gorges; with each of her flaming senses; profusely intertwined with mine,

Tantalizing my lecherously exhausted brain; was her relentless repertoire of tingling fantasies; as she vivaciously danced in a fathomless myriad of blissful forms; in every divinely dream of mine,

Tantalizing my ridiculously sagging shoulders; was her insatiable fervor to unflinchingly confront the most acrimonious of obstacles; tower tall as the fortress
of philanthropism for countless more births to fantastically unveil,

Tantalizing my worthlessly sinking destiny; was her benign disposition to embrace one and all alike in inexplicable misery; as she dedicated each instant of her immaculately heavenly life; to the service of dwindling mankind,

Tantalizing my cacophonically rickety legs; was her profound vigor to stand by the path of impregnable righteousness; as she chanted the miraculous mantras of a united existence; till the time she abnegated her last breath,

Tantalizing my despondently dejected conscience; was the invincibly truthful glow in the whites of her Omnipotent eyes; as she sacrificed herself to a billion bizarre deaths; just to wonderfully diffuse the priceless scent of goodness,

Tantalizing my worthlessly wandering soul; was her unconquerable imagery of timelessly coalesced brotherhood; as she harmoniously galloped forward with
her comrades in distress; bonded in threads of perennial solidarity,

Tantalizing my gloomily disappearing breath; was her unbelievable fortitude to excel in every benevolent sphere of life; as she blazed like an ebullient inferno of unstoppable newness; defying the baseless norms of the murderously conventional society,

And tantalizing my nonchalantly disgruntled heart; was her ocean of immortally celestial love; as she incarcerated me forever in the realms of her resplendent chest; taught me forever to love; love and boundlessly exist; only for the sacrosanct spirit of
holy love.


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