Tapered And The Spiciest

Fresh beanstalks of green chili,
Standing upright in fecund patches of clay,
Strewn in crusty jigsaw moulds,
With famished caterpillars in its womb,
Swarms of obstreperous flies buzzing around,
And hordes of white mice sprinting with a squeaking sound.

Water clogs arid balls of cracked mud,
Jutting out fiercely; from hose pipes composed of coarse cloth,
Forming pulpy rivulets; amidst the garnished stalks,
Drenching the untilled land; with pearls of natural nutrients,
Pure and crystalline from the inner core of earth.
The parrot green buds then ripened in quick succession,
Into macro skin coverings of saliently dark green,
The entire camouflage whistled with the win,
Withering the plethora of standing stalks,
Heaps of chili now lay in a mangled wreck,
Giving rise to the Tapered and the Spiciest


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