Tarzan Of The Jungle

He rambunctiously gallivanted through the dense shrubs; swirled at gay abandon
on extruding creepers of animate trees,
Tenaciously rubbed rotund pieces of flint stone; to incinerate a smokeless fire,
Feasted himself on clusters of ripened bananas; a conglomerate of wild apple and succulent fruit,
Viciously attacked savage beasts; strangulating the same by mercilessly grabbing their slender necks,
Garrulously gulped water from the fresh water springs; stooping as low as he could to submerge his face entirely in the ravishing water,
Philandered merrily through cloistered underground caves; basking in the gleam of the glittering gold coins; with his pet rattler wound round his neck,
Audaciously crept his hands into venomous spider webs; passionately fondling with its serrated tentacles,
Replicated the voices of a host of birds with astoundingly similarity; meticulously deciphering the meaning conveyed therein,
Clambered up with nonchalant ease; a cluster of tall trees with the uncanny agility of a mongoose,
Didn’t mind ravenous mosquitoes sucking his blood; inviting them chivalrously to bite his skin,
Intrepidly battled the hostile crocodile on the marshy swamps; snapping apart its jaws into minuscule fragments,
Had a severe abhorrence for alien tourists; marauding his privacy with a fleet of boats and contemporary contrivances,
Possessed infinite pairs of bulging muscles; which glistened magnificently under the golden sun,
Had incongruous wisps of long hair cascading freely down his back; abnormally
large peripheral eyes resembling the moon,
Ate sumptuous fish raw; after catching them from fathomless distances beneath the pellucid stream,
Rode bareback throughout the meandering forest; sitting majestically on the back of a striped panther,
Could stare unrelentingly at sun for hours; without flinching the slightest
portion of his lids,
Communicated adroitly with the wildlife circumventing; using a plethora of vibrant insinuations,
Had an armory of pearly teeth; which crept up enchantingly from under his luscious lips,
Was oblivious to the prevailing time; day and month of the unveiling year; wholesomely relying on the sun and moon to guide his way through,
He had been left years ago by his mother; amongst a cluster of savage wolves,
Suckled milk from the protuberant teats of his lion mother; sleeping quietly as an angel against her fur coated belly,
With a threadbare piece of loin cloth being his sole attire since times immemorial; he was adeptly christened by all as tarzan of the jungle.


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